The Hindu Editorial (Stress and strain) 30 January 2019

The Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary

The Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary  (Stress and strain) 30 January 2019

Stress and strain: on Congress-JD(S) alliance in Karnataka

No relationship is free of tense moments and conflicting emotions. But the Congress-Janata Dal (Secular) alliance in Karnataka seems to have more than its share of stress and strain. The pressures on the post-poll tie-up are from multiple points: the Opposition BJP that believes it was robbed of its mandate, and is looking to win over some of the MLAs of the Congress to topple the government; Congress members, especially those owing allegiance to former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, who argue that the chief ministership should not have been handed over to the junior partner, the JD(S); and the leadership of the JD(S) that tries to assert itself within the alliance and expand the party’s base at the Congress’s expense. With the Lok Sabha election approaching, the stakes are high for all. The JD(S) wants to ensure it gets a good share of the seats as part of the alliance; the Congress realises it will have to concede ground to the JD(S) to keep the BJP out of the political turf, and the BJP knows the importance of being in power at the time of polls. After days of high drama, when the BJP and the Congress herded their MLAs in resorts to protect them from poaching, the pressure point on the government is from Siddaramaiah loyalists. Congress MLA S.T. Somashekar, on being appointed as the chairperson of the Bangalore Development Authority, claimed the city had not seen any development under the coalition government. Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy promptly offered to quit if his style of functioning was found to be unacceptable, forcing a rattled Congress leadership to rush to make amends. While Mr. Siddaramaiah signalled to his supporters and the party leadership he was not manoeuvring to be Chief Minister again, Mr. Somashekar apologised after KPCC president Dinesh Gundu Rao said he was at fault.


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The Hindu Editorial (Stress and strain) 30 January 2019


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That a statement by one MLA can create such a storm speaks to the structural instability of the arrangement. The Congress and the JD(S) came together in a marriage of convenience; the JD(S) was allowed to head the government to prevent it from entering into a deal with the BJP. The only thing the Congress could offer the JD(S) that the BJP could not was the chief ministership. This was no gesture of magnanimity; only pragmatic deal-making. As negotiations on seat-sharing for the Lok Sabha polls begin, the strain is beginning to show. In these trying circumstances, the level of political discourse is also falling. While Union Minister Anantkumar Hegde made personal, derogatory comments about Mr. Rao, Mr. Siddaramaiah shouted at a party worker and grabbed the mike from her when she complained about the failure of officials to redress the grievances of her townspeople. In the surcharged atmosphere now, a remark is often enough of a spark to set off a ravaging fire.

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Wordlist

1) Conflicting (Adj) = Contradictory, ( परस्पर-विरोधी )
Synonyms =  Adverse, Antagonistic.
Antonyms = Consonant, Harmonious.

2) MANDATE  (Noun) = Authority, ( जनादेश )
Synonyms = Authorization, Command.
Antonyms = Breach, Denial.

3) ALLEGIANCE (Noun) = Loyalty, ( निष्ठा )
Synonyms =  Adherence, Dedication.
Antonyms = Apathy, Disloyalty

4) POACHING (Verb) = Smuggle, ( अवैध शिकार )
Synonyms = Appropriate, Encroach.
Antonyms = Give, Keep off.

5) COALITION (Noun) = Allied group, ( संगठन )
Synonyms =  Affiliation, Alliance.
Antonyms = Disunion, Detachment.

6) MANOEUVRE  (Noun) = Tactic, ( चाल ) 
Synonyms = Move, Action
Antonyms = Cessation, Inaction.

7) MAGNANIMITY (Noun) = Generosity, ( उदारता )
Synonyms = Chivalry, Kindness.
Antonyms = Avarice, Greed.

8) PRAGMATIC (Adj) = Sensible, ( व्यावहारिक )
Synonyms = Businesslike, Efficient.
Antonyms =  Excited, Impracticle.

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