The Hindu Editorial (Tough-talking) 7 February 2019


The Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary

The Hindu Editorial (Tough-talking) 7 February 2019


Tough-talking: On Taliban reconciliation process

The Taliban reconciliation process is moving at a faster pace than was anticipated. Talks facilitated by Russia in Moscow this week, with mainstream Afghan politicians sitting around the table with Taliban leaders, are similar in their approach to the recent U.S.-Taliban talks in Qatar, though the two are rival processes. The U.S. and Russia have accepted the idea that peace in Afghanistan is not possible without major concessions to the Taliban, including dialogue without insisting on a cessation of violence. In the duration of the Moscow conference alone, Taliban fighters killed 47 security forces personnel in attacks in Kunduz, Baghlan and Samangan provinces. The U.S. and Russia have, in separate processes, agreed to sidestep the Ashraf Ghani regime in Kabul, and accepted the Taliban’s condition that it will not negotiate with the elected Afghan government at this stage. And both the Russian and U.S. processes are dependent on cooperation from Pakistan, which retains its influence over the Taliban leadership. Clearly, the current talks with the Taliban are not within the “red lines” agreed to by all stakeholders in the past: they are not Afghan-led, owned or controlled, and the Taliban has not abjured violence, or sworn allegiance to the Afghan constitution before joining talks.

However, despite the deep and obvious misgivings in New Delhi, it would be pointless to ignore or reject the outcomes of the talks, where some progress has been made. The U.S. has managed to bring senior Taliban leaders to the table, and is discussing the contours of its ultimate withdrawal from the Afghan war. The Taliban has unequivocally renounced ties with al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, and committed to preventing Afghan soil from being used by foreign terrorists. For its part, Russia has hosted conferences where Taliban leaders sat down with members of the Afghan High Peace Council and senior Afghan politicians, including some contesting in this year’s presidential elections. While India’s principled position that it will not directly or publicly talk to the Taliban until it engages the Afghan government remains valid, it is necessary that India stays abreast of all negotiations and isn’t cut out of the resolution process. It is hoped that a robust channel is open between Indian intelligence agencies and all important groups in Afghanistan, including the Taliban, in order to ensure that Indian interests, development projects and citizens are kept secure. New Delhi must intensify its dialogue with regional and global stakeholders, and impress upon them that any dialogue with the Taliban must not come at the cost of the hard-fought victories of the Afghan people in the past two decades: on establishing constitutional democracy and the rule of law, and securing the rights of women and minorities.

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Wordlist

1) ANTICIPATED (Adj) = Expected, ( प्रत्याशित )
Synonyms = Foreseen, Likely.
Antonyms = Unexpected.

2) CONCESSION (Noun) = Yielding, ( सुविधा )
Synonyms = Acknowledgement,  Admission
Antonyms = Disagreement, Denial.

3) NEGOTIATE (Verb) = Bargain, ( समझौता करना )
Synonyms = Agree, Arrange.
Antonyms = Confuse, Contend.

4) ABJURE  (Verb) = Give up, ( छोड़ना )
Synonyms = Forswear, Recant.
Antonyms = Allow, Emphasize.

5) DESPITE (Prep)  = Regardless of, ( के बावजूद )
Synonyms = Against, Although
Antonyms = Exalt, Inner Beauty.

6) UNEQUIVOCALLY (Adv) = Certainly, ( सुस्पष्ट ढंग से  )
Synonyms = Easily, Firmly.
Antonyms = Doubtfully, Questionably.


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