The Hindu Editorial With Vocabulary(26-10-18)


The Hindu Editorial With Vocabulary(26-10-18)

The Hindu Editorial With Vocabulary(26-10-18)


Trial by voters: on AIADMK rebel MLAs disqualification

It is not often that byelections acquire the significance and importance of a general election, opening up the possibility of bringing down a government. But with the Madras High Court upholding the disqualification of 18 legislators for defection, Tamil Nadu appears set to witness elections to 20 seats, including two rendered vacant by the death of the members. With the government of Edappadi K. Palaniswami hanging on for dear life, the result could be the difference between his continuance and an ignominious exit. The AIADMK, which now has 116 members in the Assembly including the Speaker, will need to win at least two seats to retain its majority. But with four of its sitting members nursing grievances against the party leadership, it may need to win six of the 20 seats to remain in power. Of course, if the disqualified MLAs decide to appeal against the High Court ruling, and obtain a stay against the holding of a re-poll in their constituencies, then the government might get a longer lease without having to face voters. But if Mr. Palaniswami, who became Chief Minister in the political upheaval in the AIADMK following the death of Jayalalithaa, is to retain his political legitimacy, he will need to win a vote of confidence from the people, and not just a group of MLAs artificially held together by the fear of election, and the comfort of being associated with a party in power. Indeed, the arithmetic of the numbers in the Assembly aside, the AIADMK would need to win a majority of the seats at stake in the byelections in order to keep its flock of MLAs together and fight off erosion in the wider support base.

If the byelections could mean moving from a position of power to political wilderness for Mr. Palaniswami, they also pose a serious political test for M.K. Stalin, the new president of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam. So far he has managed to keep the party together under his leadership, but the ultimate test will be at the polling booths. Together with the DMK’s allies, he has the support of 97 MLAs, but he needs to win all 20 to get a majority. Else, he will need the support of the breakaway AIADMK group led by T.T.V. Dhinakaran, who enjoys the support of the disqualified 18, to form a government. The byelections, when they happen, will be akin to a mid-term election. It is not clear now when they will be held, but if they are held in the next few months, the party that performs best will have a distinct edge in next year’s Lok Sabha election. With film stars Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth already preparing the ground to mount a challenge in the Assembly election, every additional share of the electoral pie will mean a lot for both Mr. Palaniswami and Mr. Stalin. And these byelections will represent a big slice.

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary

1) LEGISLATOR (Noun) = Administrator, ( विधायक )
Synonyms = Lawmaker, Deputy.
Antonyms = Man in the Street.

2) DEFECTION (Noun)  = Desertion , ( भंग )
Synonyms =  Failure, Rejection.
Antonyms = Enough, Faithfulness.

3) RENDER (Verb) = Give, (  देना )
Synonyms =  Interpret, Deliver.
Antonyms = Hold, Take.

4) IGNOMINIOUS  (Adj) = shameful , ( शरमिदा करने वाला  )
Synonyms =  Disgraceful, Vile.
Antonyms = Honorable, Admirable.

5) ASSEMBLY (Noun) = Accumulation , ( सभा )
Synonyms = Aggregation, Association.
Antonyms = Division,  Individual.

6) GRIEVANCE (Noun) = Compliant , (  शिकायत )
Synonyms =  Grudge, Objection.
Antonyms = Compliment,  Praise

7) CONSTITUENCY ( Noun) = Voting public, (  मतदाता वर्ग )
Synonyms =  County, Faction
Antonyms = Trader.

8) LEGITIMACY (Noun) = Legality, ( वैधता )
Synonyms =  Authority, Justic.
Antonyms = Illegal, Unlawful.

9) EROSION (Noun)  = Decay, (  कटाव )
Synonyms =  Corrosion, Abrasion.
Antonyms = Construction, Building.

10) DISTINCT (Adj) = Apparent , ( अलग होना )
Synonyms =  Definite, Noticeable.
Antonyms = Obscure, Vague.

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