Top 100 Analogies Questions For SSC and Railways Exams



Top 100 Analogies Questions For SSC and Railways Exams

Top 100 Analogies Questions For SSC and Railways Exams

Introduction About Reasoning Analogies 

If the relationship between one pair of words is similar to another pair of words then we say that both the pair of words is analogous to each other. In simple words, the relationship between two words must be the same for other words associated with them too.

Reasoning Analogies Definition

Let us first try to define analogy: the word ‘Analogy’ means ‘correspondence’. In analogy questions, a specific relationship is given & another similar relationship has to be identified from the given options.

For Example −

Devotee: Temple and Patient: Hospital is a parallel pair of words because they have a similar kind of relationship between them. As devotees go to the temple; patients go to a hospital.

Note −

In this section, we have to analyze the relationship between two given pairs and find the relationship between other two pairs among which one is given in the question and another one will be present in the options.

Types of  Reasoning Analogies

The analogy can be categorized into the following two types −

  • Words Analogy
    Number Analogy

Word analogy again can be reclassified into the following two sections −

  • Meaningful Words
    Non- Meaningful Words
    Kinds of Word Relationship
    First find the relationship between the two given words and once you find that, go for finding the similar relationship word for the asked word from the given options.

Opposite Relationship
If two given pairs are opposite in meaning to each other, similar kind of relationship has to chosen for the question pair from the given options.

For Example −

Kinetic : Potential

Fat: Thin

Synonymous Relationship
The two words of the question pairs are similar in meaning and that relationship has to be found among the words given in the answer choice word pair.

For Example −

Huge: Big

Slim: Thin

Cause and Effect
Here is one word will be the cause then other will be its effect.

Fire: Death

Fasting:: Starvation

Worker and Article Relationship
Here the relationship is about the maker or producer with its production.

For Example −

Writer : Novel

Artist : Painting

Worker and Tool Relationship
Relationship is among a particular class of people and the tools used by them.

For Example −

Student : Pen

DTP Operator : Computer

Tool and Object Relationship
It describes the relationship between the tool and its corresponding object.

Paint : Wall

Knife : Vegetables

Number Analogy
There will be certain relationship among the first two numbers. We have to find that and accordingly solve the question.

For Example −

Question − 4:8:: 16:

A – 21

B – 19

C – 32

D – 51

Answer − Option C

Explanation −

Here either 4 + 4 = 8 or 4 × 2 = 8. Following the similar fashion, our answers should be either 16 + 4 = 20 or 16 + 16 = 32.

As 20 is not there but 32 is there, hence it is the correct answer.


Top 100 Analogies Questions For SSC and Railways Exams

Similarly, some other similar kinds of analogies are −

  • Whole and part analogy
    Intensity relationship
    Classification relationship
    Functional analogy
    Gender analogy
    Sequential analogy
    Quantity and unit analogy
    Utility analogy
    Symbolic analogy
    Association analogy
    Age analogy
    Characterization analogy etc


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