English For SSC Bank And Other Exam Top 100 Most Confusing Words

 Englisg For SSC

Top 100 Most Confusing English Words 

The English language has an enormous vocabulary, and this results in many words that are very similar. Some of them are different by just one letter, like moral and morale. Others differ in their spelling and pronunciation, like incite and insight. There are many pairs of words that appear to mean the same thing – such as historic and historical, or definitely and definitively – but actually have different definitions and uses. 
It can be very confusing for you as an English learner! You want to speak correctly and avoid miscommunications, but you’re not quite sure about the exact meaning and use of each word. Some students even avoid using particular words because of their doubts.
English is one of the Scoring subjects Among All Others Which comes in Government Examination.
By Building Your Vocabulary  You Can Easily Score well in Exam
This Book Helps You To Solve Reading Comprehension’s Grammar Part,
Double Fillers, etc…
This Book is Loaded with Top 100 Most Confusing words in English.
This E-Book is Beneficial for All the Exams like  SSC SBI IBPS SSC RRB CET Etc…
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