Top 50 Number Series Problems for Bank & Other Exams

Top 50 Number Series Problems Practice SET- Dream Big Instittion

Top 50 Number Series Problems Practice Set PDF for Bank & Other Exams


Questions on number series are prevalent in most of the management aptitude exams. These questions are based on numerical sequences that follow a logical rule/ pattern based on elementary arithmetic concepts. A particular series is given from which the pattern must be analyzed. You are then asked to predict the next number in the sequence following the same rule.

Generally, there are three types of questions asked from the number series:

A numerical arrangement is given in which a number is wrongly put. You are requested to distinguish that specific wrong number. 

A numerical arrangement is given in which a particular number is absent. You are required to discover that missing number. 

An entire numerical arrangement is trailed by a deficient numerical arrangement. You have to tackle that fragmented numerical arrangement in a similar example in which the total numerical arrangement is given.

Number Series Chapter is Very Important in Many Competitive Exam Like SBI PO/ Clerk IBPS PO/ Clerk RRB PO/ Clerk RBI INSURANCE LIC Exams This Chapter will Help You To Score Well In Examination.

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