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Seven persons –I, J, K, L, M, N and O have a webinar in different months-January, March, April, June, August, September and December of the same year. N has a webinar in the month which has an odd number of days and three months before M. As many persons have a webinar before I as after N. Only two persons have a webinar between K and I. As many persons have a webinar between K and M as between N and J. L has a webinar four persons after J. O does not have a webinar after L.

1. Which of the following combination is true?

a) March-M

b) December-L

c) June-K

d) September-O

e) January -J

2. If all the persons have a webinar in alphabetical order from January, then how many persons have a webinar in the same month?

a) None

b) One

c) Two

d) Three

e) More than three

3. Which of the following statement(s) is/are true with respect to the final arrangement?

a) Only three persons have a webinar between J and K

b) L and I have a webinar in adjacent months

c) No one has a webinar before J

d) All the given statements are true

e) All the given statements are false

4. Who among the following person has a webinar three persons before O?

a) N

b) M

c) L

d) J

e) I

5. How many persons have a webinar between N and L?

a) No one

b) One

c) Two

d) Three

e) More than three

Answers & Solutions

1. Answer: C

2. Answer: B

3. Answer: E

4. Answer: D

5. Answer: E


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FAQ on Reasoning Puzzle for IBPS Clerk Exam

Q. What are the reasoning scoring topics for IBPS Clerk?

Ans: Top Scoring Topics for IBPS Clerk Prelims – Reasoning Ability, Because Puzzle is the most Important Topic Overall it covers around 50-60 % portion of the Reasoning Section.

Q. How to solve puzzles quickly in bank exams?

Ans: How Can I Solve Puzzle Fast in Bank Exam? The best way to solve puzzles with 100 percent accuracy is to each possible combination and keep canceling them out as candidates proceed. They should not ignore the important key points while reading the question. Two to three minutes are sufficient to solve easy puzzles.

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