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SSC CHSL 2022 Exam Analysis – 7th June 2022

SSC CHSL 2022 7th June 2022 – Good Attempts and Difficulty Level

The difficulty level of today’s exam is easy to moderate. English and Maths was the easiest section for attempting while GA was on the moderate side. Attempting 75-77 questions can be considered a good attempt.

SectionTotal QuestionsLevelGood Attempts – Shift 1
Quantitative Aptitude25Easy to Moderate19-21
General Intelligence and Reasoning25Easy to Moderate19-21
General Awareness25Moderate16-18
Total100 Easy to Moderate75-83

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis – English

The general trend observed is that questions were mostly from synonym antonyms, cloze test, error spotting, idioms and phrases, active-passive voice, one-word substitution etc. The overall section was easy and around 21-22 questions can be attempted easily.

TopicShift 1
Direct-Indirect Speech 
Idioms and Phrases 1-2
Cloze Test 5
Spellings Check question
Synonyms & Antonyms3-4
Error Spotting2-3
Sentence Rearrangement1-2
Reading Comprehension 
Active-Passive Voice1-2
One Word Substitution1-2
Fillers 1-2

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis – General Intelligence and Reasoning

The general trend observed is that questions were mostly from mirror images, coding-decoding, odd one out, number and alphabet series, analogy etc. The overall section was easy to moderate and around 19-20 questions can be attempted easily.

TopicsShift 1
Coding-Decoding 3-4
Blood relation 
Seating Arrangement
Venn diagram problems 
Find Missing Number 
Paper Folding and Cutting1-2
Mirror Image questions2-3
Number and Alphabet Series3-4
Figures Counting based Questions 
Cubes and Dice related problems 1-2
Hidden Images
Syllogism 1
Mathematical Operators (VBODMAS) 1-2
Analogy problems 3-4
Miscellaneous 1-2

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis – Quantitative Aptitude

The quant section contained questions mostly from the topics of profit and loss, SI & CI, time and work, mensuration, average, trigonometry and simplification. Around 19-20 questions can be said to be a good attempt.

Profit & Loss 1-2
Time and Work 1-2
Number System 
Speed and Distance/ Time and Distance
Algebra 1-2
Trigonometry 1-2
Average 1-2
SI and CI 1-2
HCF and LCM 
Mixture and Alligation 
Mensuration 2-3
Data Interpretation 
Simplification/ Approximation2-3
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SSC CHSL Exam Analysis – General Awareness

The questions for general awareness is based on dance forms, books and authors, most questions are based on art and culture and the last 6-8 month’s current affairs. Around 16-18 questions can be said to be a good attempt.

Indian polity/Economics 
Current Affairs7-8
Chemistry & Biology1-2
Physical Geography
Books & Authors
Art and Culture, Music, Dance Forms7-9
Awards and Honours

Memory-Based GA Questions – 7th June 2022

  • When Pro Kabbadi League started in India
  • Place of India in Youth Boxing Championship
  • Atomic number of Rubidium
  • Arvind Adiga book which won award

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 7 June 2022- FAQs

Q. What was the level of an overall examination of SSC CHSL TIER I 1st shift 7 June 2022?

Ans: The level of the SSC CHSL Tier-I Exam which was held in the 1st shift was easy to moderate.


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