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Hello Dear Aspirants,

Static Gk PDF 2023: Static Gk Series is Designed for Those Aspirants Who are Preparing for Government Exam and Wish to Score More in the GA, GS, & Current Affairs Sections in Exam Like Bank | Insurance | SSC | Railway | UPSC | DRDO MTS Etc.

In This Series, We Will Cover All The Chapters of Static Gk Which is Important for the Upcoming Exam. If you want to strengthen your Static GK section then Practise thoroughly. 

What is Static Gk?

Static Gk Means General Knowledge that  Does Not Change With Time And remains the Same as the National Animal, National Park, Indian Temples, or Flower of India. The Static Gk Is The Part of General Knowledge That is Fact-Based, Whose Data Never Changes Like List of Presidents of India, Stadiums in India, Banking Acts & Reforms Etc.

Static GK PDF (Highlight)

Article NameStatic GK PDF 2023
CoversStatic GK PDF (All Topic Cover – List wise)
Total Topic60+
Useful ForBank| Insurance| SSC| Railway & other Competitive Exams
Compiled ByDream Big Institution

List of Static GK Topics

Student has to prepare General Awareness section very well in order to score well. In this section, Static GK plays a very important role as most of the questions come from this section only. The General Awareness section contains questions from the following topics:

TopicNo. of questions
Geography6-8 questions
Current Affairs5-6 questions
Indian Polity3-4 questions
History3-4 questions
Science and Technology2-3 questions
Economics2-3 questions

Complete List of Static GK PDF

The Topic-wise Complete static GK PDF Updated List For All Competitive Exam 2023. Aspirants preparing for any Competitive exams can make use of it. You can download Topic-wise Complete Static GK PDF, given below

Sr. No.Static GK TopicDownload PDF
1Terms Used In GamesClick Here
2Lists of First in IndiaClick Here
4List of Highest Himalayas mountain peaks in IndiaClick Here
5List of Gardens in IndiaClick Here
6Sources of Nutrients and Deficiency diseasesClick Here
7Transport Systems in IndiaClick Here
8List of Famous Caves in IndiaClick Here
9Important Revolutions in IndiaClick Here
11Important Food Festivals Around & Countries where it’s CelebratedClick Here
12List of WATERFALLS in IndiaClick Here
13List of Important Indian Cities on RiversClick Here
14Important Indian Rivers and their Origin, Length, TributariesClick Here
15List of Important Boundary LinesClick Here
16Stock Exchanges list in the WorldClick Here
17List Of Space Centres in IndiaClick Here
18List Of State Governors And Chief Ministers Of IndiaClick Here
19List of Brand Ambassadors in India ( Recently Updated )Click Here
20List Of Country, Capital, and CurrencyClick Here
21List of Nuclear Power Plant in IndiaClick Here
23Books and Authors PDFClick Here
24Bank Headquarters and Tagline PDFClick Here
25List of Folk Dances in India State WiseClick Here
26States official languagesClick Here
27Cups And Trophies Related To SportsClick Here
28Nicknames of Indian CitiesClick Here
30National Symbols Of IndiaClick Here
31Lists Of First Women in IndiaClick Here
32List Of First Men in IndiaClick Here
34List Of International & Domestic Airports In IndiaClick Here
35List of national parks in IndiaClick Here
36List Of Stadiums of the StatesClick Here
37List Of States And Their Bird SanctuariesClick Here
38List of Tiger reserves in IndiaClick Here
39Famous Festivals In India PDFClick Here
40List of Indian Nobel Prize Winners list PDFClick Here
41List Of Countries and their Parliament NamesClick Here
42International Banks And their HeadquartersClick Here
43List of Indian states and their Capitals, Governors & Chief MinistersClick Here
44List of Famous Temples In IndiaClick Here
46List of Countries And Their National GamesClick Here
47List of Governors in IndiaClick Here
48List of largest libraries in IndiaClick Here
49Important Summits and ConferencesClick Here
50List of G20 Summits PDFClick Here
51India Ranking In Different Indexes 2023 Updated ListClick Here
52List of Recently Name Changed in India| City, Railway Station, Road Etc..)Click Here
53All Important Banking Abbreviations PDFClick Here
54List of Joint Military Exercises of India PDFClick Here
55List of Cabinet Ministers of India With Constituencies & PortfolioClick Here
56Grand Prix Winners ListClick Here
57Scientist Name and their Inventions ListClick Here
58List of NATO CountriesClick Here
59List of chess Grandmasters in IndiaClick Here
60List of Chief Justices of IndiaClick Here
61Indian Oscar Winners List of All Oscars Awards Won By India Click Here
62List of GI Tags in India Click Here
63List of United Nations AgenciesClick Here
64List Of Important Mountain Passes In IndiaClick Here
65List Of Forests in India Click Here

(More Static GK PDF Will be Update Soon)

Please check the download section, you will get more than 50+ Static GK PDFs for all the Competitive Exams.

These are the Most Important Static GK Topics for All Competitive Exams which will help you in all the exams like IBPS, SBI, LIC, SSC, DRDO, Railway, UPSC 2023.

Static GK from Current Affairs – Static GK that are from current affairs or came in news in simple words

Important Days – This is a very useful Static GK PDF Topic, Usually Dates and Days in Exam Month + Next Month. This means if your exam date is on 5th January, you should study the important days and their themes from December 20 up to February. Because usually, the questions related to days and Dates come from the post-exam dates you do not need to worry about learning themes of future days.

Currency & Capitals – Country, Currency, and Capitals Static GK questions appear from the nations that were in news recently. Mostly in the Last 6 Months’ Current Affairs. All the Nations mentioned in MoUs, Visits, Appointments, and Achievements are useful.

First things – Although these are current affairs but still a “First” is always a first. This is because we always provide First PDFs where we cover all the first things that happened in India, World, Banking, Finance, Insurance, History

Important of Static Gk In Competitive Exam

  • Learning static GK helps to build the overall score in the examination as the questions asked are factual and direct. It helps to spare time while preparing for the exams and candidates can use that time for planning hard Sections.
  • Important Syllabus of exams for high presents is related to current affairs and static GK questions just, not simply that, staying up with the latest with static GK additionally helps candidates sail easily in their interview rounds.
  • Remembering this, we have grouped the list of some important Static GK PDFs that you can’t afford to miss while preparing for any competitive examination.

Strategy for Preparation:

  • To cover all static GK topics you have to work hard for a lot of days. Prepare a schedule for static GK alone. Concentrate it in a daily manner. So that you can master in static GK part, after two months. Then you can face most of the questions in the static GK section easily. For preparation, use the given static GK pdf materials. With the pdf material study in a daily manner. On the side by side attempt topic tests and practice quizzes to test your preparation standard.
  • Also, revision is an important factor to keep up with all the memorized data. So every time you are free keep revising the topics. After gaining the level of recommended practice in all the topics, then revision is enough at exam times. IBPS Clerk Mock test preparation gives you a wonderful experience that brings you the familiarity of the real exam.
  • Candidates kindly use the link given below to download the static GK pdf materials. Candidates are advised to study the given material for effective preparation. Also, our expert-curated static GK power capsules are available. So make proper use of all these materials for your exam preparation.

Tips for How to prepare static GK for Competitive Exams

  1. first & Formost Aspirants need to collect the study materials for every topic of static GK.
  2. Utilize some shortcuts words or rhyming words to remember the facts and details of static general information topics.
  3. Frequently revise your static GK preparation by mock test or model question paper practice.
  4. Utilize a separate study plan for every static GK topic and work on it.
  5. Along with study materials, candidates try to read some magazines, newspapers, The Hindu Newspaper, and other Previous yearbooks.
  6. For important Facts in static GK topics simply make a note on it for future revision purposes.
  7. Go through the previous year’s papers for Competitive exams and try to solve the static GK questions.
    Aspirants, those who want to prepare on static gk topics for Competitive exams try to follow the above tips to score more marks in GA, GS, Current Affairs, and Static GK sections. For important topics of static GK we have mentioned some topics below, aspirants have a look at it and gather study materials based on the static GK topic.

How To Remember Static GK Tricks

Candidates if you have Completely Practiced from our Static GK PDF. Congrats your Static GK Part Must have become stronger than earlier. If you want to cover the Static GK Syllabus in a very short span of time then we brought you a very Good Book For All Competitive Exams.

Short Trick to Remember whole Static GK in One Day
Short Trick to Remember whole Static GK in One Day

Short Trick To Remember Whole Static GK in One Day – Click Here to Download Book

Previous Year Asked Static Gk Questions in Competitive Exam

In Competitive exams, General awareness plays an important role in boosting your overall score. Now, General Awareness comprises Five further topics i.e, Current Affairs, Static GK, Banking Awareness, GA & GS Out of these 5 topics, around 16-18 questions are asked from the Static Awareness. In this article, we have collected the important Static GK questions asked in Previous Years Competitive Exams i.e,
BANK – IBPS RRB PO, Clerk | IBPS PO, Clerk, SO | SBI PO, Clerk, SO | Federal Bank, Syndicate Bank, Canara Bank, BOB, etc.
Railway and Other Competitive Exams

These Questions will help you to understand the type of Static GK question that is asked in Competitive exams. Prepare such types of questions from the Last 6 Months’ current affairs PDF and score high in Static GK, Current Affairs, GA, and GS sections.

FAQ on Static GK PDF

  1. Q. What are the Topics in static Gk?

    Ans: Famous Rivers, Folk dance, List of Airports, Stadium, Garden, National Park, Thermal Power Plant.

  2. Q. Where do I study static GK to prepare for competitive exams in two weeks’ time?

    Ans: If you want to cover the Static GK Syllabus in Two Weeks of time then, You can check out the Dream Big Institution website for all Static GK PDF, useful for All Competitive Exams.

  3. Q. How do I learn static GK? Since it is very vast, is there any method of memorizing?

    Ans: If you want to cover the Static GK Syllabus in a very short span of time then we brought you a very Good Book. (Learn More)

  4. Q. I want a static gk complete pdf file. Where should I get it?

    Ans: You can check out the Dream Big Institution website for all Static GK PDFs, useful for All Competitive Exams.

  5. Q. What is the score of the General Awareness section in the SBI PO? 

    Ans: In the GA section total of 40 questions will be asked for a total score of 40.

  6. Q. How many questions are asked in the GS section of the SSC CGL Tier-I exam? 

    Ans: There will be 25 questions for the Tier-I of the SSC CGL exams

You can download individual Static GK PDFs and read them for upcoming Examinations. Your Static GK portion is now fully covered.

Thank You

SUPER Current Affairs MCQ PDF
SUPER Current Affairs MCQ PDF

Static GK PDF 2023 Complete List For All Competitive Exams


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