List of Countries And Their National Games PDF For Competitive Exam


List of Countries And Their National Games: Sports are an essential part of the human race, to make sports a day-to-day part of our life the United Nations has declared an International Day of Sport for Development and Peace on 6 April. India celebrates its National Sports Day every year on 29 August. The National Sports Day was first celebrated on 29 August 2012 on the birth anniversary of Major Dhyanchand. Most countries have their own National Game.

There are many continents such as Asia, Africa, Antarctica, Europe, North America, etc. There are many countries on each continent and so far there are 195 countries in the total continent. Each country has its own tradition, culture, and national sport. In this post, we are going to know the countries and their national games and found year. 

List of Countries And Their National Games
List of Countries And Their National Games

Countries and their National Sports/ Games

Despite hitting a milestone in the Asian, Olympics, and Commonwealth games, India doesn’t have any National sports. We used to consider Field Hockey as our National game due to consecutive winning in the Olympics but recently Ministry of Sports and Affairs has declared that India doesn’t have any national games.

Some sports are established by a law called de jure and some sports that are not established by law are called de facto. The below-given list of de facto and de jure sports are classified in separate tables for a better understanding of aspirants who are preparing for competitive exams.

List of Countries And Their National Games

Name of CountriesNational Games in the WorldOther Important Games
AfghanistanBuzkashi (Also called Kopar, Kupari and Ulak Tartysh) (DeFacto)Cricket, football, boxing & basketball
Antigua and BarbudaCricket (DeFacto)Football
ArgentinaPato (DeJure – 1953)Association football, Basketball, Rugby union
AustraliaCricket (DeFacto)Australian Rules Football (AFL), Rugby, Horse Racing, Netball
BangladeshKabaddi (DeJure – 1972)Cricket & football
BarbadosCricket (DeFacto)Football, Golf, Tennis
BermudaCricket (DeFacto)Football, Rugby and Tennis
BhutanArchery (DeJure – 1971)Basketball, football, futsal
BrazilCapoeira (DeJure – 1972)Volleyball and Basketball
BulgariaWeightlifting (DeFacto)Gymnastics, Rowing, Biathlon and Cricket
CanadaIce hockey (In Winter) & Lacrosse (In Summer) (DeJure – 1994)Football, Golf, basketball and baseball
ChileChilean rodeo (DeJure – 1962)Tennis and football
ChinaPing Pong (Table Tennis) (DeFacto)Volleyball, Martial Arts, Shooting, Badminton
CubaBaseball (DeFacto)Boxing, Volleyball, Basketball
ColumbiaTejo (DeJure – 2000)
Czech RepublicIce Hockey (DeFacto)Football
Dominican RepublicBaseball (DeFacto)Football and Boxing
EnglandCricket (DeFacto)Football, Rugby and Basketball
FranceAssociation Football (Defacto)Rugby, Motor Sports and tennis
HaitiFootball (DeFacto)
HungaryWater Polo (De Facto)
IndiaField Hockey (De Facto)Cricket, badminton, kabaddi
IsraelAssociation Football (De Facto)Basketball, Swimming, canoeing
ItalyCalcio – type of Football (DeFacto)
IndonesiaBadminton (DeFacto)
LithuaniaBasketball (De Facto)Football, Athletics, Cycling
IranWrestling, Varzesh-e-Bastani (DeJure – 1976)Polo, football
JamaicaCricket (DeFacto)Association football, Athletics
JapanSumo Wrestling (De Facto)Ju-Jitsu (Martial Arts), Baseball, Football
MalaysiaSepak Takraw – similar to Volleyball or Badminton(DeFacto). Players cannot use their hands to play
MongoliaArchery (DeFacto)Mongolian wrestling, horse riding, Football, Basketball
MauritiusFootball (DeFacto)Athletics, Basketball, Badminton 
MexicoCharreria- similar to Rodeo (DeJure – 1933)Association football and Boxing
NepalDandi Biyo – similar to Indian Gilli Danda, Volleyball (DeJure – 2017)Cricket, football
New ZealandRugby Union (DeFacto)Cricket, Net ball, Basketball, Golf, Tennis
NorwayCross-country skiing (DeFacto)Wrestling, Cycling, Shooting
NamibiaFootball, Netball, Rugby (DeJure – 2018)
PakistanField Hockey (DeFacto)Cricket, Kabaddi, Squash, Snooker
PhilippinesArnis – Type of Fighting Art (DeJure – 2009)Basketball, Badminton, boxing
PolandFootball (DeFacto)
PeruPaleta Frontón – type of Tennis (DeFacto)
Puerto Rico (united States)Paso Fino (DeJure – 1966)
RussiaBandy- type of Ice Hockey (DeFacto)Chess, football, Basketball, Gymnastics
ScotlandGolf (DeFacto)Tennis, Rugby
SerbiaFootball, basketball, volleyball and water polo (DeFacto)
SloveniaAlpine Skiing (DeFacto)Ski Jumping, Athletics, Basketball and Boxing
South KoreaTae-kwon-do (DeJure – 2018)Football and Basketball
SriLankaVolleyball (DeFacto)Cricket, badminton, Watersports
SwitzerlandShooting and Gymnastics (DeFacto)Football and Ice Hockey
TajikistanGushtigiri- type of wrestling (DeFacto)
TurkeyOil wrestling (DeFacto)Soccer, Basketball, VolleyBall
USABaseball (DeFacto)Football, Ice Hockey, Golf, Tennis
UruguayDestrezas Criollas (DeJure – 2006)
VenezuelaBaseball (DeFacto)football

The list of national games in the world is useful for exams like SSC, RRB, Bank, IBPS, and other government exams.

List of Countries And Their National Games PDF

Different Countries and Their National Games

Different countries have their national games or sports that hold cultural and historical significance. Here are some examples of national games from various countries:

  1. India: Field Hockey is often considered India’s national game, although it does not have official national game status. Cricket, however, is the most popular and widely played sport in India.
  2. Japan: Sumo Wrestling is Japan’s national sport, deeply rooted in its history and culture.
  3. South Korea: Taekwondo is a Korean martial art and the national sport of South Korea.
  4. Canada: Lacrosse is Canada’s national summer sport, while ice hockey is considered the national winter sport.
  5. Australia: Australia’s national sport is considered to be Australian Rules Football (AFL), while cricket is also widely followed.
  6. United States: Baseball is often referred to as America’s national pastime, and American football is another popular sport in the United States.
  7. China: Table Tennis, also known as ping pong, is a highly popular sport in China and often considered its national sport.
  8. England: England’s national sport is often regarded as Cricket, while Football (soccer) is incredibly popular and widely played.
  9. Russia: Bandy, a team sport similar to ice hockey, is considered one of Russia’s national sports.
  10. Brazil: Football (soccer) is the national passion in Brazil and often referred to as its national sport.
  11. New Zealand: Rugby Union is New Zealand’s national sport, with the national rugby team, the All Blacks, being highly successful and renowned worldwide.
  12. Pakistan: Field Hockey is a historically significant sport in Pakistan and has been its national sport for many years.
  13. Mexico: Charrería, a Mexican rodeo, is considered the national sport of Mexico.
  14. Ireland: Gaelic Games, which include Gaelic football, hurling, and camogie, hold a special place in Irish sports culture.
  15. Nepal: Volleyball is considered one of Nepal’s national sports and is widely played across the country.

National Game of India

Many people assume hockey to be the national game of India, but this is not true. [Source: RTI] Neither Hockey nor Kabaddi is the national game of India. In fact, India does not have an officially declared national game. While field hockey has historically been associated with India and has enjoyed immense popularity, there has been no official designation of any sport as the national game by the Indian government.

Hockey was considered the National Game of the country because of its golden era from 1928 to 1956 when India won 6 successive gold medals in the Olympic games. However, recently, the Ministry of Sports Affairs has made it clear that it has not declared any sports to be the National Sports of the country. Despite this clarification, field hockey holds a special place in the hearts of many Indians and continues to be cherished and celebrated across the nation.

Interesting facts about different National Sports

  • Buzkashi, the national game of Afghanistan is known to be a highly aggressive sport. It requires players to mount on horses and place a calf or goat carcass in a specific goal drawn on the field.  is also known as Kopar, Kupari and Ulak Tartysh.
  • Pato the national game of Argentina combines elements of Basketball and polo.
  • Capoeira the national game of Brazil is a form of martial arts that combines various elements of acrobatics, dance, and music.
  • Canada has two national games, Ice hockey for the winter months and Lacrosse is the national game for the summer months.
  • The national game of Finland, Pesapallo is a very moving bat and ball game.
  • Tae Kwon Do a form of Korean martial art is the national game of South Korea.
  • Charreria the game of Mexico is a competitive sport similar to rodeo except that performing cowboys, called charros, are judged on style and execution.
  • Arnis the national martial art of the Philippines is also known as Eskrima and Kali. It actually emphasizes weapon-based fighting which is done using knives, bladed weapons, sticks, and various others.
  • Bandy is a team winter sport played on ice, in which skaters use sticks to direct a ball into the opposing team’s goal.
  • Sepak takraw or Kick Volleyball differs from the footvolley in its use of a rattan ball and only allowing players to use their feet, knee, chest, and head to touch the ball. Sepak takraw is the national game of Malaysia.
  • A recent RTI revealed that India has no national game. However, still, the GOI website shows Field Hockey as the national game of India. The Sports Ministry confirmed that it had not declared any sport or game as the ‘national game.’

National Games In The World – Sample Questions For GK/GA

To understand the importance of the topic Countries and their National Games for the competitive exams, it is imperative for candidates to know the type of questions asked in the examination based on it. 

Hence, for candidates reference, given below are a few sample questions based on the National Games in the world.

Q.1. The country Barbados has given some prominent players like Sir Everton Weekes, Sir Garfield Sobers, Sir Clyde Walcott and Sir Frank Worrell. Which sports do these players belong to?

  1. Football
  2. Cricket
  3. Basketball
  4. Hockey

Answer (2)

Q.2. The players Nikolay Peshalov, Stefan Botev, Yoto Yotov and Demir Demirev from Bulgaria are associated with which sport?

  1. Wrestling
  2. Judo
  3. Water polo
  4. Weightlifting

Answer (4)

Q.3.  The National Game of Canada ____ is played with a flat ball.

  1. Lacrosse
  2. Golf
  3. Ice Hockey
  4. Field Hockey

Answer (3)

Q.4. What is the National Sports of Tajikistan?

Q.5. The National Game of Russia is Bandy, It is a type of___.

  1. Wrestling
  2. Horse racing
  3. Buzkashi
  4. Soccer

Answer (1)

  1. Polo
  2. Wrestling
  3. Ice Hockey
  4. Golf

Answer (3)

Countries And Their National Games:FAQ

Cricket is the national game of which country?

Cricket is the national game of Australia, England, the Bahamas, and some other countries.

What are the national sports of India?

Field Hockey is considered as the national sports of India but officially it is not declared.

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