List of Countries And Their Parliament Names PDF For General Awareness


Countries And Their Parliament Names

What is Parliament?

A parliament is a group of people who make laws and keep an eye on the government. They represent the people who vote for them. The word “parliament” comes from a language called Anglo-Norman and has been used since the 14th century. There are two types of parliaments: unicameral and bicameral. In India, the parliament has two houses called the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha.

Countries And Their Parliament Names
Countries And Their Parliament Names

Countries and Parliaments

A parliament is a group of people who make laws and keep an eye on the government. They represent the people who vote for them. The word “parliament” comes from a language called Anglo-Norman and has been used since the 14th century. There are two types of parliaments: unicameral and bicameral. In India, the parliament has two houses called the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha.aThe Althing is the oldest parliament in the world and it belongs to Iceland. It was established in 930 and is still active today. The list of countries and their legislatures mentioned in this article is significant for competitive exams. Candidates preparing for government exams should stay updated with this list as they may encounter questions related to it in the General Awareness section.

Aspirants, in their preliminary exams, may come across questions about different countries and their legislatures. To help with their preparation, we have compiled a list of countries and their legislatures in the article below.

List of Countries And Their Parliament Names

The Parliament of India is a bicameral legislature consisting of two houses – the Lok Sabha (House of the People) and the Rajya Sabha (Council of States). Check the functions of Parliament in India. 

Given below is the list of Parliaments of different countries. Candidates can download the list of countries and their parliament names PDF given at the top and bottom of the article for their convenience. 

CountriesCapitalsParliament of different Countries
AlbaniaTiranaPeople’s Assembly
AlgeriaAlgiersNational People’s Assembly
AndorraAndorra La VellaGeneral Council
AngolaLuandaNational People’s Assembly
ArgentinaBuenos AiresNational Congress
AustraliaCanberraFederal Parliament
AustriaViennaNational Assembly
AzerbaijanBakuMelli Majlis
BahamasNassauGeneral Assembly
BahrainManamaConsultative Council
BangladeshDhakaJatia Parliament
BelizeBelmopanNational Assembly
BoliviaSucreNational Congress
BotswanaGaboroneNational Assembly
BrazilBrasiliaNational Congress
BritainLondonParliament (House Of Commons And House Of Lords)
BruneiBandar Seri BegawanNational Assembly
BulgariaSofiaNarodno Sabranie
CambodiaPhnom PenhNational Assembly
ChinaBeijingNational People’s Assembly
ComorosMoroniLegislative Council And Senate
Costa RiceSan JoseLegislative Council And Senate
CubaHavanaNational Assembly Of People’s Power
East TimorDiliConstituent Assembly
EcuadorQuitoNational Congress
EgyptCairoPeople’s Assembly
El SalvadorSan SalvadorLegislative Assembly
EthiopiaAddis AbabaFederal Council And House Of Representative
Fiji IslandsSuvaSenate & House Of Representative
FinlandHelsinkiEduskusta (Parliament)
FranceParisNational Assembly
GermanyBerlinBundestag (Lower House) & Bundesrat (Upper House)
Great BritainLondonParliament
GreeceAthensChamber Of Deputies
GuyanaGeorgetownNational Assembly
HungaryBudapestNational Assembly
IndiaNew DelhiSansad
IndonesiaJakartaPeople’s Consultative Assembly
IraqBaghdadNational Assembly
IsraelJerusalemThe Knesset
ItalyRomeChamber Of Deputies And Senate
JordanAmmanNational Assembly
Korea(North)PyongyangSupreme People’s Assembly
Korea(South)SeoulNational Assembly
KuwaitKuwait CityNational Assembly
LebanonBeirutNational Assembly
LaosVientianePeople’s Supreme Assembly
LesothoMaseruNational Assembly And Senate
LibyaTripoliGeneral People’s Congress
LuxembourgLuxembourgChamber Of Deputies
MadagascarAntananarivoNational People’s Assembly
MalaysiaKuala LumpurMajilis
MongoliaUlaanbaatarGreat People’s Khural
MontenegroPodgoricaFederal Assembly
MozambiqueMaputoPeople’s Assembly
MyanmarNaypyidawPyithu Hluttaw
NepalKathmanduFederal Parliament of Nepal
NetherlandsAmsterdamStates-General (Staten-General)
New ZealandWellingtonParliament (House Of Representatives)
PakistanIslamabadNational Assembly & Senate
Papua New GuineaPort MoresbyNational Parliament
ParaguayAsuncionSenate & Chamber Of Deputies
PhilippinesManilaThe Congress
RomaniaBucharestGreat National Assembly
RussiaMoscowDuma & Federal Council
Saudi ArabiaRiyadhMajlis Al-Shura
South AfricaPretoriaParliament
TurkeyAnkaraGrand National Assembly
UruguayMontevideoGeneral Assembly
USAWashington D.C.Congress
UzbekistanTashkentOliy Majlis
VietnamHanoiNational Assembly
ZambiaLusakaNational Assembly

Parliament of India

The Indian Parliament consists of two houses, namely the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha, along with the President of India. It is often referred to as the People’s House as it represents the citizens of India. Although the President is not a member of either house, they hold a significant position in Parliament and have specific duties and responsibilities assigned to them.

According to the Constitution of India, the House can have a maximum of 552 members (originally set at 500 in 1950). Currently, the Lok Sabha has 543 seats, which are filled through the election of up to 543 members.

The Rajya Sabha

The Rajya Sabha is the Upper House of Parliament in India, and unlike the Lok Sabha, it is a permanent body that does not get dissolved. However, every second year, one-third of the members retire from their positions and are replaced by newly elected members. Each member serves a term of six years.

The Chairman of the Rajya Sabha is the Vice President of India, who holds this position by default. The Rajya Sabha can have a maximum of 250 members. Among these members, the remaining seats are filled when the President nominates 12 individuals who have made notable contributions in fields like literature, art, science, and social service. Currently, the Rajya Sabha has a total of 245 members.

The Lok Sabha

The Lok Sabha is the lower house of the Indian Parliament and differs from the Rajya Sabha as it is not a bicameral legislature. Its members are democratically elected by the public, based on the principle of universal adult franchise.

The Lok Sabha consists of 550 members, out of which 530 are directly elected from different states and 20 from Union Territories. From 1952 to 2020, there were two reserved seats in the Lok Sabha for members of the Anglo-Indian community. The President of India nominated these two members upon the advice of the Government of India.

However, the reservation of seats for Anglo-Indians in the Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assemblies was abolished by the 104th Constitutional Amendment Act. The reservation for the Anglo-Indian community was extended until the year 2020 through the 95th Amendment in 2009, even though it was initially supposed to be effective until 1960.

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List of Countries And Their Parliaments PDF

Countries And Their Parliament Names: FAQ

How many countries have a parliament?

Almost every country on the planet has some form of parliament. Parliamentary systems are classified into two types: bicameral and unicameral. Out of the world’s 190 parliaments, 79 are bicameral (158 chambers) and 111 are unicameral, for a total of 269 chambers of parliament and approximately 44,000 members.

Which country has different houses of parliament?

In India, there are two houses of the legislature, the Rajya Sabha, and Lok Sabha. Similarly, other countries have different parliament houses of the legislature.

What is the name of China parliament?

The National People’s Congress People’s Republic of China

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