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library is a collection of sources of information and similar resources, made accessible to a defined community for reference or borrowing. It provides physical or digital access to material, and maybe a physical building or room, or a virtual space, or both. For all those reading addicts, here is the List of libraries in India PDF that have amazing collections:

List of libraries in India
List of libraries in India

List of libraries in India

NameCity/TownStateYear of establishment
Gowtami GrandhalayamRajahmundryAndhra Pradesh1898
Visakhapatnam Public LibraryVishakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh1996
Khuda Bakhsh Oriental LibraryPatnaBihar1891
Sinha LibraryPatnaBihar1924
Delhi Public LibraryDelhiDelhi1951
Nehru Memorial Museum & LibraryDelhiDelhi1966
Chowgule College LibraryMargaoGoa
Dr Francisco Luis Gomes District LibraryMargaoGoa
Goa State Central LibraryPanajiGoa1832
Goa University LibraryTaleigãoGoa1985
Andrews LibrarySuratGujarat1850
Kavi Narmad Central LibrarySuratGujarat1991
Mysore University LibraryMysuruKarnataka1918
State Central LibraryThiruvananthapuramKerala1829
Ernakulam Public LibraryKochiKerala1870
Asiatic Society of MumbaiMumbaiMaharashtra1804
Central Library, IIT BombayMumbaiMaharashtra1958
David Sassoon LibraryMumbaiMaharashtra
Harekrushna Mahtab State LibraryBhubaneswarOdisha1959
Romain Rolland LibraryPondicherryPuducherry1827
Prakrit Bharati AcademyJaipurRajasthan1977
University of Rajasthan LibraryJaipurRajasthan1949
Adyar LibraryChennaiTamil Nadu1886
Anna Centenary LibraryChennaiTamil Nadu
Connemara Public LibraryChennaiTamil Nadu1890
Roja Muthiah Research LibraryChennaiTamil Nadu1994
Mahakavi Bharathi Memorial LibraryErodeTamil Nadu
Daniel Poor Memorial LibraryMaduraiTamil Nadu1915
Saraswathi Mahal LibraryTanjoreTamil Nadu
British LibraryHyderabadTelangana1979
State Central LibraryHyderabadTelangana1891
Sri Krishna Devaraya Andhra Bhasha NilayamHyderabadTelangana1901
City Central LibraryHyderabadTelangana1960
Allahabad Public LibraryAllahabadUttar Pradesh1864
Maulana Azad LibraryAligarhUttar Pradesh1877
Raza LibraryRampurUttar Pradesh
Sayaji Rao Gaekwad LibraryVaranasiUttar Pradesh1917
National Library of IndiaKolkataWest Bengal1836
North Bengal State LibraryCooch BeharWest Bengal1882

List of Largest Libraries in the World

British Library in the United Kingdom is the world’s largest library in terms of its catalogue size i.e. the number of books, periodicals, etc it manages.

The table given below highlights the World largest libraries based on their catalogue size. It includes libraries that store 15 million or more items.

Largest Libraries in the World
Name & CountryLocationCatalogue size
British Library, United KingdomLondon and Boston Spa170–200 million
Library of Congress, United StatesWashington D.C.170 million+
Library and Archives, CanadaOttawa54 million
Shanghai Library, ChinaShanghai50 million
Russian State Library, RussiaMoscow47.2 million
Royal Danish Library, DenmarkCopenhagen and Aarhus42.5 million
National Diet Library, JapanTokyo and Kyoto41.9 million
Bibliothèque Nationale de FranceParis40 million
National Library of ChinaBeijing37.7 million
National Library of RussiaSaint Petersburg36.5 million
German National Library, GermanyLeipzig and Frankfurt36.1 million
Biblioteca Nacional de España, SpainMadrid33.1 million
Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences, RussiaSaint Petersburg26.5 million
Berlin State Library, GermanyBerlin23.4 million
Boston Public Library, United StatesBoston, Massachusetts22.4 million
New York State Library, United StatesAlbany, New York20 million
Harvard Library, United StatesCambridge, Massachusetts18.9 million
National Library of SwedenStockholm18 million
Vernadsky National Library of UkraineKiev15.5 million
Yale Library, United StatesNew Haven, Connecticut15.2 million
National Library of IranTehran15 million

Largest Libraries in the Ancient World

Libraries were highly revered as the storehouse of knowledge, ideas and creativity. Some libraries represented the cultural power of their respective empires and as such their knowledge stored in them were jealously guarded. We will present some of the well known libraries of the ancient world.

1. Great Library of Alexandria

The Great Library of Alexandria is one of the most important libraries in classical antiquity. Over the centuries it had gained almost mythical status as a universal library where all the scholars of the ancient time would visit to share and gain knowledge. The library, located within the Royal Palace of Alexandria was built around 295 BCE by Ptolemy I

Alexandria is a port city in Northern Egypt founded by the legendary conqueror Alexander the Great. The library of Alexandria hosted a series of shrines, lecture areas, a zoo and living quarters. The great works of philosophers such as Homer, Plato and Socrates were stored in its great hall. It eventually became the storehouse of knowledge that housed rare works which were the only copies.

The Great Library of Alexandria was completely destroyed during the Roman intervention in the Egyptian civil war in 48 BC. The destruction ensured that many precious works of knowledge were lost forever.

2. The Royal Library of Ashurbanipal

The Royal Library of Ashurbanipal is named after the King of the Neo-Assyrian Empire, Ashurbanipal. He was the last great king of the empire which comprised modern day Iraq, Jordan, Syria and parts of Iran. King Ashurbanipal was a passionate collector of texts and tablets which today gave details of day-to-day life in the ancient world.

At least 30,000 cuneiform tablets and fragments were recovered from the ruine and are now housed in the British Museum. They were discovered in 1849 and are now considered crucial to the modern study of the ancient Near East.

3. Imperial Library of Constantinople.

The Imperial Library of Constantinople in itself is a mystery as very little is known about it. Regardless, what is known is that the Roman Emperor Constantius II in 357 CE undertook measures to preserve many Judaeo-Christian scriptures that were deteriorating as they were written on papyrus scrolls.

In addition he also preserved many scripts that were written by ancient Romans and Greeks. The majority of Greek classics that are known today come from the Imperial Library of Constantinople. Over the years the library would be subject to many fires that would destroy many volumes. In the year 473 CE alone, about 120,000 volumes were burnt.

The final blow would come in 1204 when the Crusader army sacked Constantinople burning many parts of the city, although modern historians do assess that no record of the library existed then and some manuscripts may have survived into the Ottoman Empire era.

4. University of Taxila

The University of Taxila is one of the oldest universities in the world, believed to have begun somewhere between the 5th and the 2nd centuries BC. It was a centre of learning and knowledge, and due to its location – at a pivotal junction between South and Central Asia along the Grand Trunk Road – students from many parts of the ancient world came to study at it.

The university is mentioned in several ancient languages such as Greek and Chinese. The Taxila University was at its zenith during the Mauryan Empire and continued to be after the decline of the empire until the invasion of the Alchon Huns under Toramana in the 6th century AD led to its destruction.

Today it is a protected archaeological site, closely managed so that this piece of cultural heritage can continue to be studied.

5. The Celsus Library

Located in Ephesus (modern day Turkey) the Celsus Library was built in 110 CE by Gaius Julius Aquila. It stored 12,000 scrolls and also served as a mausoleum for Tiberius Julius Celsus Polemaeanus. The architecture of this still-standing library is quite incredible and a typical example of the style prevalent in the period under Emperor Hadrian (76-138 CE). Statues and items excavated from the Celsus Library are now on display in the Museum of Istanbul.

List of Libraries in India PDF Useful For Competitive Exams


Q. Where is the world’s largest library?

Ans: Washington DC

Q. Which country has the maximum number of public libraries?

Ans: China

Q. What is the name of the Oldest Library in the World?

Ans:  Al-Qarawiyyin library

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