The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 18 May 2022 (Improve Your Vocabulary


The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 18 May 2022

EGALITARIAN (Noun) : समानाधिकारवादी

  • Meaning: one who advocates or practices social equality.
  • अर्थ: वह जो सामाजिक समानता की वकालत करता है या करता है।
  • Synonyms: democrat, leveler
  • Antonyms: snob, snoot
  • Usage: As egalitarians, some people have always promoted policies for equal pay.

XENOPHOBIC (adjective) : नस्लवादी, नृजातीय

  • Meaning: having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries.
  • अर्थ: दूसरे देशों के लोगों के प्रति अरुचि या पूर्वाग्रह का होना।
  • Synonyms: racist, racialist, ethnocentric, ethnocentrist.
  • Antonyms: bountiful, permissive, thoughtful, lenient.
  • Usage: As a result, the new parliament is distinctly more xenophobic and illiberal than its predecessor.

MURKY(Adjective) : अंधेरा

  • Meaning: dark and dirty or difficult to see through
  • अर्थ: अंधेरे और गंदे या मुश्किल से देखना
  • Synonyms: cloudy, dark
  • Antonyms: bright, luminous
  • Usage:The river was brown and murky after the storm.

Vacillate(verb) : घटना बढ़ना

  • Meaning: Waiver between different opinion or actions.
  • अर्थ: विभिन्न मतों या कार्यों के बीच में छूट।
  • Synonym: temporize, hesitate, oscillate
  • Antonym: resolute
  • Usage: You might vacillate between ordering pizza and burger as both are testy.

Exhort(verb) : समझाना

  • Meaning: Strongly encourage or urge to do something
  • अर्थ: कुछ करने के लिए दृढ़ता से प्रोत्साहित करना या आग्रह करना
  • Synonym: enjoin, adjure,
  • Antonym: discourage
  • Usage: Priya tries to Exhort her friend about her career. but she is not ready to listen.

Slipshod(adjective) : असावधानीपूर्ण

  • Meaning: characterized by a lack of care, thought, or organization.
  • अर्थ: देखभाल, विचार या संगठन की कमी।
  • Synonym: careless, lackadaisical
  • Antonym: meticulous, painstaking
  • Usage: Ravi did a slipshod job. His scholarship is slipshod at best.

RATIFIED(verb) : पुष्टि की

  • Meaning: confirmed or made official
  • अर्थ: पुष्टि या आधिकारिक बना दिया
  • Synonyms: approve, confirm
  • Antonyms: deny, destroy
  • Usage: For the rule change to be approved, it must be ratified by 8 out of 10 teams.

PURPORTEDLY (adverb) : माना जाता है

  • Meaning: As appears or is stated to be true, though not necessarily so; allegedly.
  • अर्थ: जैसा कि प्रतीत होता है या सच कहा जाता है, हालांकि जरूरी नहीं कि; कथित तौर पर।
  • Synonyms: professedly, supposedly, seemingly, superficially.
  • Antonyms: absolutely, authentically, certainly, earnestly.
  • Usage: The fans found a bat purportedly signed by Virat Kohli.

SCOFF (Verb) : उपहास

  • Meaning: speak to someone or about something in a scornfully derisive or mocking way.
  • अर्थ: किसी से या किसी बात के बारे में अपमानजनक तरीके से या अपमानजनक तरीके से बोलना।
  • Synonyms: mock, deride, ridicule
  • Antonyms: flatter, praise, compliment
  • Usage: The rude rich boy thought it was fun to scoff at the poor people at his school.

ABOMINATE(Adjective) : घृणा

  • Meaning: to hate something very much
  • अर्थ: किसी चीज से बहुत अधिक घृणा करना।
  • Synonyms: abhor, despise
  • Antonyms: love, like
  • Usage: They abominated the idea of red tapism.

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