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GMAT Previous Year Papers with solutions PDF: The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is taken by students who wish to enroll in a finance-related course or want to pursue an MBA. The test is conducted for admissions into different management programs across the globe. The Students are tested in verbal, quantitative, writing, analytical, and reading skills in the English language.

To obtain a management degree from top B- Schools in India or abroad, candidates need to first take GMAT Exam. The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a standardized exam that is considered an important admission requirement for MBA, PG diploma, and MIM courses at top B-Schools across the globe.

GMAT Previous Year Papers with Solutions PDF

Exam NameGMAT
GMAT full formGraduate Management Admission Test
Post NameGMAT Previous Year Papers with Solutions PDF
CategoryPrevious year Paper
Official Website
Most popular forMBA courses outside India, 
Also accepted forMS courses outside India MBA courses in India
Conducted byGMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council)
Mode of ExamComputer-based adaptive test
GMAT feeUS $275 (INR 20,600 approx)
Score RangeMin 200, Max 800
GMAT Contact+91 120-439-7830, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Indian Standard Time
Fax: +91-120-4001660.

GMAT Previous Year Papers with solutions PDF

Similar to practice tests, GMAT question papers use the actual GMAT exam papers. Therefore, the question papers of GMAT help candidates become familiar with the actual exam pattern and also understand the types of Quantitative and Verbal Ability questions that all GMAT aspirants are suggested to practice most.

Along with taking GMAT practice tests, candidates are also suggested to practice GMAT papers as much as they can. Practicing the question papers will help them identify their weak areas. The official body also prepares the question papers for aspirants and publishes them on the website. Below, we have provided GMAT Question Paper Download Links:

GMAT Question Papers

  1. GMAT Previous Year Papers with Solutions PDF Quantitative Questions – Problem Solving
  2. GMAT Previous Year Papers with Solutions PDF Quantitative Questions – Data Sufficiency
  3. GMAT Previous Year Papers with Solutions PDF Verbal Questions – Reading Comprehension
  4. GMAT Previous Year Papers with Solutions PDF Verbal Questions – Critical Reasoning
  5. GMAT Previous Year Papers with Solutions PDF Verbal Questions – Sentence Correction

GMAT Previous Year Papers with Solutions PDF

Along with practicing current year’s GMAT question papers, candidates are suggested to also practice previous years’ question papers. Practicing previous year’s question papers will give the candidates ideas about the type of questions asked, changes made in the exam syllabus (if any), level of questions, etc.

For last-minute preparation, the previous year’s question papers practice helps the candidates immensely. Here, we have provided the links to download previous years’ GMAT question papers along with the sample papers released by the conducting authority:

GMAT Verbal Practice Papers

GMAT Verbal Practice Test 1GMAT Verbal Practice Test 2
GMAT Verbal Practice Test 3GMAT Verbal Practice Test 4
GMAT Verbal Practice Test 5GMAT Verbal Practice Test 6
GMAT Verbal Practice Test 7GMAT Verbal Practice Test 8
GMAT Verbal Practice Test 9GMAT Verbal Practice Test 10
GMAT Verbal Practice Test 11GMAT Verbal Practice Test 12
GMAT Verbal Practice Test 13GMAT Verbal Practice Test 14
GMAT Verbal Practice Test 15GMAT Verbal Practice Test 16
GMAT Verbal Practice Test 17GMAT Verbal Practice Test 18
GMAT Verbal Practice Test 19GMAT Verbal Practice Test 20
GMAT Verbal Practice Test 21GMAT Verbal Practice Test 22
GMAT Verbal Practice Test 23GMAT Verbal Practice Test 24
GMAT Verbal Practice Test 25GMAT Verbal Practice Test 26
GMAT Verbal Practice Test 27GMAT Verbal Practice Test 28
GMAT Verbal Practice Test 29GMAT Verbal Practice Test 30
GMAT Verbal Practice Test 31GMAT Verbal Practice Test 32
GMAT Verbal Practice Test 33GMAT Verbal Practice Test 34

GMAT Quant Practice Papers

GMAT Quant Practice Test 1GMAT Quant Practice Test 2
GMAT Quant Practice Test 3GMAT Quant Practice Test 4
GMAT Quant Practice Test 5GMAT Quant Practice Test 6
GMAT Quant Practice Test 7GMAT Quant Practice Test 8
GMAT Quant Practice Test 9GMAT Quant Practice Test 10
GMAT Quant Practice Test 11GMAT Quant Practice Test 12
GMAT Quant Practice Test 13GMAT Quant Practice Test 14
GMAT Quant Practice Test 15GMAT Quant Practice Test 16
GMAT Quant Practice Test 17GMAT Quant Practice Test 18
GMAT Quant Practice Test 19GMAT Quant Practice Test 20
GMAT Quant Practice Test 21GMAT Quant Practice Test 22
GMAT Quant Practice Test 23GMAT Quant Practice Test 24
GMAT Quant Practice Test 25GMAT Quant Practice Test 26
GMAT Quant Practice Test 27GMAT Quant Practice Test 28
GMAT Quant Practice Test 29GMAT Quant Practice Test 30
GMAT Quant Practice Test 31GMAT Quant Practice Test 32
GMAT Quant Practice Test 33GMAT Quant Practice Test 34

GMAT Integrated Reasoning Practice Papers

GMAT IR Practice Test 1GMAT IR Practice Test 2
GMAT IR Practice Test 3GMAT IR Practice Test 4
GMAT IR Practice Test 5GMAT IR Practice Test 6
GMAT IR Practice Test 7GMAT IR Practice Test 8
GMAT IR Practice Test 9GMAT IR Practice Test 10
GMAT IR Practice Test 11GMAT IR Practice Test 12
GMAT IR Practice Test 13GMAT IR Practice Test 14
GMAT IR Practice Test 15GMAT IR Practice Test 16
GMAT IR Practice Test 17GMAT IR Practice Test 18
GMAT IR Practice Test 19GMAT IR Practice Test 20
GMAT IR Practice Test 21GMAT IR Practice Test 22
GMAT IR Practice Test 23

GMAT AWA Sample Papers

GMAT AWA Sample 1GMAT AWA Sample 2
GMAT AWA Sample 3GMAT AWA Sample 4
GMAT AWA Sample 5GMAT AWA Sample 6
GMAT AWA Sample 7GMAT AWA Sample 8
GMAT AWA Sample 9GMAT AWA Sample 10
GMAT AWA Sample 11GMAT AWA Sample 12
GMAT AWA Sample 13GMAT AWA Sample 14
GMAT AWA Sample 15GMAT AWA Sample 16

GMAT AWA Sample Essays

GMAT Syllabus and Exam Pattern

The GMAT exam pattern is divided into four sections Writing, Reasoning, Verbal and Quantitative skills. Further, the GMAT is a Computer Adaptive Test of 3 hours 30 minutes and comprises of both objective and subjective questions. There are a total of 91 questions. Candidates can also go through the complete GMAT syllabus here.

SectionNumber of QuestionsDuration
Analytical Writing Assessment1 Topic30 minutes
Integrated Reasoning12 questions30 minutes
Quantitative31 questions62 minutes
Verbal36 questions65 minutes
Total Exam Time 3 hours 07 minutes

Also, Check the GMAT Syllabus PDF

Important Points Related To GMAT Exam Pattern

  1. One question will be displayed on the screen at a time and the answer choices for the objective type (multiple-choice) questions will be preceded by circles.
  2. Different question types will also appear in random order in the multiple-choice section and Integrated reasoning sections.
  3. Candidates have to answer using the computer mouse or laptop cursor. Candidates can move toward the next question only after confirming the choice for the question displayed on the screen. 
  4. Candidates will have the flexibility to select the order for the sections as per their choices from the below-given options:

How GMAT Scores Are Calculated?

Before taking GMAT exam, candidates must be aware of how exactly the scores are calculated in the exam. A number of students do not know how they can get a score of 720 or above. Scores are calculated in a different manner in the GMAT exam. In GMAT, quantitative and verbal sections are scored on a scale of 0 to 60.

A score below 6 and above 51 is rare. The total GMAT score obtained by the candidates ranges from 200 to 800 which is completed based on performance by the candidates in these two sections only. In GMAT, the score determined on the basis of the following:

  • The number of questions answered by the student
  • The number of questions answered by the students correctly or incorrectly
  • The difficulty level of exam 
  • Other statistical characteristics of each question

Benefits Of Practicing GMAT Question Papers

Grabbing the best-suggested books is vital when it comes to covering the syllabus of GMAT but it is not the only key to success in GMAT exam. The students preparing to take up the GMAT exam are also suggested to practice the GMAT question papers and GMAT sample papers. Below, we have mentioned some of the advantages of using GMAT question paper PDF:

  • Similar to practice tests, GMAT question papers also use the actual GMAT exam papers, therefore, the GMAT question papers help become familiar with the actual exam pattern and also understand the types of Quantitative and Verbal questions that all GMAT aspirants are suggested to practice most.
  • As a part of the last-minute revision practicing GMAT question papers and sample papers are mandatory, it helps the candidates identify their weak areas and prepare accordingly.
  • It also helps the candidates to develop a thorough understanding of the topics included in the GMAT syllabus. 
  • Practicing the question paper helps the students have an idea about the type of questions asked in the exam, level of questions, question trend, important topics, important questions etc.
  • Practicing the GMAT question paper gives confidence to the candidates so that they can crack the exam comfortably. 
  • Since the questions in GMAT question papers are asked from the entire GMAT syllabus, practising it will help the candidate test their overall exam preparation.
  • As the date of GMAT is coming close, we advise candidates to practice GMAT question papers along with previous year’s questions papers and also take GMAT to practise tests regularly. 

FAQs on GMAT Previous Year Papers with Solutions PDF

Q. How can I prepare for the GMAT online?

Ans: Candidates planning to give the GMAT exam make sure they start the GMAT exam preparation at least six months before their test results are due. Usually, candidates need six to eight weeks time to prepare for the GMAT exam. Try to study one section at a time. Go through the types of questions you are going to get in different sections. Try to develop speed gradually and start doing GMAT practice tests available on the official website of GMAC ( Try to identify your weak areas and start working to improvise them.

Q. Which is the best online GMAT course available?

Ans: There are various online GMAT prep courses available like
manhattan Prep
Veritas Prep
The Princeton Review
Apart from these, there are other online GMAT courses available that you can use to prepare for the GMAT test.

Q. What is a good GMAT score?

Ans: Anything above 650 can be considered a good GMAT score. If you are able to score above 700 then it is great. However, you need to set your target before giving the exam. So, check what is the score required to get into your dream college and aim for that.

Q. How long should I study to prepare for the GMAT?

Ans: Preparing for the GMAT test takes time and sincere efforts. You can prepare for the exam in six to eight months or it can be 3-4 months depending on your practice and ability. You need to give consistent efforts to get a good GMAT score.

Q. Is the GMAT exam tough?

Ans: GMAT exam assesses different skill sets of candidates like the ability to think critically, ability to analyse data and draw conclusions using reasoning skills. According to an estimate, only very few of the candidates are able to score more than 720+. So, one needs to develop these skills to get a decent score in order to get admission to their dream B-school.

Q. Where can I take the GMAT practice test?

Ans: Although there are a lot of sources available online to prepare for the GMAT exam, however, candidates can access free GMAT practice tests on the official GMAC site ( Candidates need to download the GMAT prep software and create and register to access the GMAT practice tests.

Q. How can I study for the GMAT for free?

Ans: There are various sources available online where one can get useful study material to prepare for the GMAT test. Following are the sources where one can study and prepare for the GMAT for free:
Official GMAC site ( Here, you can get tips to prepare for the exam and free GMAT practice tests as well
Manhattan Prep: It offers free GMAT online prep tools that are very useful for the candidates preparing for the GMAT exam
Veritas Prep: It offers free GMAT lessons and free tools that will come in handy while preparing for the exam

Q. How to get free GMAT practice tests?

Ans: Candidates can get two full-length GMAT practice tests by GMAC on its free GMAT prep software. Once you create an account, you can download the software and access both tests. Candidates also get overall 90 free GMAT practice questions including 45 Verbal, 30 Quantitative, and 15 Integrated reasoning questions.

Q. Is it hard to score 600+ on GMAT?

Ans: To get a 600+ score on the GMAT one needs to do a lot of hard work and made consistent efforts to get this score. Make a study plan and follow it strictly and try to cover one topic at a time. Also, note down your weakness and try to work on them to increase your score.

Q. Can I crack the GMAT exam in 1 month?

Ans: It is difficult to get a good GMAT score within a period of one month. Make a solid study plan and follow it religiously. Divide your time in such a way that you give equal weightage to each section. And later get some time to revise as well. After learning all the concepts, it is always good to give a mock test.

Every year, around 2 lakh aspirants appear for the GMAT exam and hence, it is highly competitive. It is not easy to crack the GMAT exam without proper preparation. Hence, the aspirants are advised to practice GMAT Previous Year Papers with solutions to be familiar with the question pattern and type of questions asked.

Preparing with the sample papers will also help them to acquaint themselves with GMAT Exam Pattern and GMAT Syllabus as well. Hence, to help the students, we have provided the links to download GMAT sample papers. Read on to get more information.

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