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In India, insurance exams are conducted by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). The exams are required for individuals who wish to become insurance agents or brokers. The exams are usually held in the form of a computer-based test and cover topics such as insurance regulations, products, and laws. Candidates must pass the exam and meet other qualifications to be licensed to sell insurance in India.

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA) is a regulatory body established in 1999 by the Indian government to oversee the insurance industry in India. Its main responsibilities include issuing licenses to insurance companies, regulating and supervising their operations, protecting policyholders’ interests, and promoting the development of the insurance sector in India. The IRDA also conducts insurance exams for individuals who wish to become insurance agents or brokers and sets standards for the insurance products offered in the country. The IRDAI is the new name for the IRDA from 2017.

We have attached all the important topics in the Insurance Awareness, its a one-stop where you can get all the insurance-related topics. Check below the list of topics included in the Insurance Awareness PDF.

  • Insurance Definition
  • History of Insurance
  • History of Insurance in India
  • Liberalization of the Indian Insurance sector.
  • Insurance regulatory development authority of India
  • Different Types of Insurance
  • Principles of Insurance
  • Types of Insurance plans
  • Types of Insurance Policies
  • The Insurance Ombudsman
  • Schemes related to Insurance
  • Insurance Terminologies
  • ULIP
  • Insurance Related Acts
  • Insurance-related committee
  • Important Insurance Abbreviations
  • Headquarters and taglines of Insurance companies.

Insurance companies are divided into two parts:

  1. Life Insurance Companies
  2. Non-Life Insurance Company

Companies giving life insurance offer coverage to the life of the individuals, whereas the non-life insurance companies offer coverage to our daily living like travel, health, our car and bikes, and home insurance.

The article will discuss the insurance exams conducted by the following insurance companies in India:

  1. LIC- Life Insurance Corporation of India
  2. NIACL- New India Assurance Company Limited
  3. NICL- National Insurance Company Limited
  4. OICL- Oriental Insurance Company Limited
  5. UIIC- United India Insurance Company
  6. IRDA- Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India