Kerala SET Syllabus 2021: Subject – Wise Syllabus Pdf, Preparation Tips

Kerala SET Syllabus 2021 has been released by the LBS Center for Science and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram on its official website. The examination for Kerala SET consists of Paper-I and Paper-II. Paper-I cover question on topics of general knowledge and teaching aptitude and is common for candidates. Paper-II cover question on candidate’s specialization subject at the post-graduate level. There shall be 31 subjects for Paper-II of the LBS Centre SET. Those who will qualify for this exam will be recruited as Higher Secondary School Teachers and Non-Vocational Teachers in VHSE. Kerala SET 2020 is conducted as an offline examination. Candidates can get detailed information about the Kerala SET exam 2020 syllabus from the complete article.

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Kerala SET 2021 Syllabus 

Candidates must know the syllabus to fetch good marks in the exam. Also by knowing the syllabus, the candidates can prepare well for the examination. The aspirants can check the Kerala SET exam 2020 syllabus for both the papers hearby

Kerala SET Syllabus 2021 Details

Conducting BodyLBS Centre for Science & Technology
Name Of the ExaminationState Eligibility Test (SET)
SessionFebruary Session
Post NameTeaching
Selection ProcessWritten Test
Job LocationKerala

Kerala SET 2021 Exam Pattern

Along with the Kerala SET syllabus, it is necessary for candidates to know about the Kerala SET exam pattern. With Kerala SET syllabus and pattern altogether, candidates get to know about the important topics, duration of the exam and prepare an exam strategy. So, here is the Kerala SET 2020 exam pattern.

For paper- I

Mode of examinationWritten exam
Duration120 minutes
Number of question120 questions (60 questions in each part)
Maximum Marks120 marks
Types of questionsObjective questions
Marking scheme+1 mark for each correct answer

For Paper-II

Mode of examinationWritten exam
Duration120 minutes
Number of question120 questions. 80 questions for mathematics and statistics.
Types of questionsObjective questions
Marking scheme+1 mark for a correct answer except for mathematics and statistics which have 1.5 marks for the correct answer.

Kerala SET 2021 Syllabus – Subject Wise

09Gandhian Studies
15Home Science
16Islamic History
25Political Science
29Social Work
36General Paper (Paper 1)

Kerala SET Syllabus for Paper 1

Get the detailed Kerala SET syllabus for paper 1 & 2 below:

Kerala SET Syllabus for Paper 1: Unit-1 General Studies

1. General Science3. Humanities
2. Social Science4. Kerala Studies

Kerala SET Syllabus for Paper 1: Unit-2 Language & Reasoning

1. Comprehension and Vocabulary3. Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability
2. Basic English Grammar4. Numeracy Skills

Kerala SET Syllabus for Paper 1: Unit-3 Current Affairs

1. Technology5. Indian Constitution and Politics
2. Environmental Issues6. Events, Persons and Awards
3. UN and Global Affairs7. Sports and Games
4. Institutions of Higher Learning8. Culture

Kerala SET Syllabus for Paper 1: Unit-4 Foundations of Education

1. Philosophical Foundations3. Psychological Foundations
2. Sociological Foundations4. History & policies of Education

Kerala SET Syllabus for Paper 1: Unit-5 Teaching, Learning and Evaluation

1. Teaching Aptitude3. Learning
2. Teaching Methods4. Evaluation

Kerala SET Syllabus for Paper 1: Unit-6 Communication, Technology Research and Educational Administration

1. Communication3. Research in Education
2. Computer and ICT4. Educational Administration

Kerala SET Syllabus for Paper 2

Kerala SET Syllabus for Botany

Unit 1: Diversity of Life Forms IUnit 4: Molecular Cell Biology
and Heredity
Unit 2: Diversity of Life Forms IIUnit 5: Ecology and Environment
Unit 3: Functional Plant Biology
and Analysis Plant Physiology
Unit 6: Applied Botany

Kerala SET Syllabus for Chemistry

Unit 1: Inorganic ChemistryUnit 4: Theoretical Chemistry
Unit 2: Organic ChemistryUnit 5: Analytical Chemistry
Unit 3: Physical ChemistryUnit 6: Selected Topics in Chemistry

Kerala SET Syllabus for Commerce

Unit 1: Management Concepts and StrategiesUnit 4: Quantitative Techniques & Research methods
Unit 2: Business Environment, Policy and MISUnit 5: Financial Management
and Marketing
Unit 3: Financial and Corporate AccountingUnit 6: Cost and Management Accounting

Kerala SET Syllabus for Economics

Unit 1: Microeconomic Theory and ApplicationsUnit 4: Development Experiences ofIndia and Kerala
Unit 2: Macroeconomic Theory and ApplicationsUnit 5: Economic Development and
Environmental Economics
Unit 3: Quantitative Methods for Economic AnalysisUnit 6: Money, Banking, Public Finance and International Trade

Kerala SET Syllabus for English

Unit 1: History/renaissance in EnglishUnit 4: American, Indian and New Literatures in English
Unit 2: Transition in LanguageUnit 5: History and Structure of Englishand English Language Teaching
Unit 3: 20th Century and Contemporary British LiteratureUnit 6: Literary Theory and Criticism

Kerala SET Syllabus for French

Unit 1: LiteratureUnit 4: Grammar
Unit 2: Culture and CivilisationUnit 5: Francophone Literature, Culture and Civilisation
Unit 3: Linguistics, Methodology &FleUnit 6: Contemporary France

Kerala SET Syllabus for Geography

Unit 1: Concepts in GeographyUnit 4: Urban and Regional Planning
Unit 2: Physical GeographyUnit 5: Geography of India
Unit 3: Resource GeographyUnit 6: Geoinformatics

Kerala SET Syllabus for Geology

Unit 1: Physical GeologyUnit 4: Structural Geology
Unit 2: Crystallography and MineralogyUnit 5: Geochemistry
Unit 3: StratigraphyUnit 6: Remote Sensing

Kerala SET Syllabus for German

Unit 1: Linguistik / Deutsche Sprachgeschichte Basic LinguisticsUnit 4: History of Western Philosophy and German Culture
Unit 2: Deutsche LiteraturgeschichteUnit 5: Politische Geschichte / Landeskunde
Unit 3: Deutsche Literatur/
Unit 6: Methods of Teaching German
as a Foreign Language

Kerala SET Syllabus for Hindi

Unit 1: Hindi Sahity Ka Itihas-Aadikal Se
Poorv Bharatendu Yug Tak
Unit 4: History of Hindi Language & Structural Grammer
Unit 2: Hindi sahity ka itihas-bharatendu
yug se unnees sou chalees tak
Unit 5: Western and Eastern Literary
Thoughts, Prosody & Poetics
Unit 3: Hindi sahity ka itihas-bharatendu
yug se unnees sou chalees tak
Unit 6: Functional Hindi,
Translation & Linguistics

Kerala SET Syllabus for History

Unit 1: Historical MethodUnit 4: Ancient and Medieval Indian History
Unit 2: HistorigraphyUnit 5: Modern Indian History
Unit 3: Kerala HistoryUnit 6: Select Themes World History

Kerala SET Syllabus for Home Science

Unit 1: Human Development and Family RelationsUnit 4: Textile Science
and Fashion Designing
Unit 2: Food Science,
Nutrition and Dietetics
Unit 5: Extension and
Development Communication
Unit 3: Family Resources ManagementUnit 6: Research and Development in Family and Community Science

Kerala SET Syllabus for Journalism

Unit 1: Dimensions of
Mass Communication
Unit 4: Advertising, Public Relations,
Corporate Communication &
Media Management
Unit 2: Media History & LawsUnit 5: Electronic and Digital Media
Unit 3: Reporting and EditingUnit 6: Communication Research

Kerala SET Syllabus for Latin

Unit 1: GrammarUnit 4: Poetry
Unit 2: HistoryUnit 5: Short Story& Drama
Unit 3: ProseUnit 6: Translation
(Latin to English and English to Latin)

Kerala SET Syllabus for Mathematics

Unit 1: Fundamental ConceptsUnit 4: Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory
Unit 2: Real and Complex AnalysisUnit 5: Number Theory and Differential Equations
Unit 3: Abstract AlgebraUnit 6: Topology and Functional Analysis

Kerala SET Syllabus for Philosophy

Unit 1: Classical Indian PhilosophyUnit 4: Contemporary Western Philosophy
Unit 2: Contemporary Indian PhilosophyUnit 5: V Logic
Unit 3: Western PilosophyUnit 6: Ethics

Kerala SET Syllabus for Physics

Unit 1: Mathematical physics, Classical MechanicsUnit 4: Nuclear and Particle Physics
Unit 2: Quantum Mechanics, Statistical MechanicsUnit 5: Condensed Matter Physics
Unit 3: Electromagnetic Theory, Atomic and Molecular PhysicsUnit 6: Electronics

Kerala SET Syllabus for Political Science

Unit 1: Modern Political AnalysisUnit 4: Comparative Politics
Unit 2: Political ThoughtUnit 5: International Relations
Unit 3: Indian Government and PoliticsUnit 6: Public Administration

Kerala SET Syllabus for Psychology

Unit 1: Cognitive ProcessesUnit 4: Personality and
Social Psychology
Unit 2: Motivation, Emotion and LearningUnit 5: Psychopathology
Unit 3: Psychometry and
Research Methodology
Unit 6: Applied Psychology

Kerala SET Syllabus for Russian

Unit 1:Russian GrammarUnit 4: Russian Cultural History
Unit 2: Modern Russian Language: Phonetics and LexicologyUnit 5: Russian Literature: Prose Fiction
Unit 3: Morphology and SyntaxUnit 6: Russian Literature:
Poetry and Drama

Kerala SET Syllabus for Social Work

Unit 1: History and Philosophy of Social
Work, Social Legislation
Unit 4: Social Case Work, Social Group Work
Unit 2: SociologyUnit 5: Community Organization
Unit 3: Developmental Psychology, CounsellingUnit 6: Social Work Research and

Kerala SET Syllabus for Sociology

Unit 1: Sociology: Discipline,
Concepts and Processes
Unit 4: Sociology of India
Unit 2: Sociological TheoriesUnit 5: Theory and Practice of
Unit 3: Social Research Methods
and Statistics
Unit 6: Globalisation and
Emerging Challenges

Kerala SET Syllabus for Statistics

Unit 1: Mathematical Methods for StatisticsUnit 4: Estimation and
Testing of Hypotheses
Unit 2: Probability TheoryUnit 5: Sample Surveys and
Design of Experiments
Unit 3: Distributions in StatisticsUnit 6: Multivariate Analysis, Stochastic Processes and Index Numbers

Kerala SET Syllabus for Syriac

Unit 1: Syriac Grammar, History and Structure of Syriac LanguageUnit 4: India and Syria Literature
Unit 2: Syriac Poetry and
Liturgical Literature
Unit 5: History of Syriac Churches
Unit 3: Secular, Biblical and
Monastic Literature
Unit 6: Current affairs

Kerala SET Syllabus for Zoology

Unit 1: Taxonomy, Animal Diversity and Applied ZoologyUnit 4: Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biostatistics
Unit 2: Evolution, Ecology, Biodiversity and EthologyUnit 5: Genetics, Biotechnology
and Microbiology
Unit 3: Physiology, Immunology and Developmental BiologyUnit 6: Cell Biology, Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics

Kerala SET Syllabus for Biotechnology

Unit 1: Cell Biology, Genetics and Molecular BiologyUnit 4: Genetic Engineering, Plant and Animal Bio Technology, Bio safety, Bioethics and Regulation
Unit 2: Biochemistry, Enzymology and Biophysics, and InstrumentationUnit 5: Bioinformatics, Biostatistics Bioinformatics and
computational biology, IPR , Patent laws in
Unit 3: Microbiology, Immunology, Pharmaceutical BiotechnologyUnit 6: Environmental Biotechnology Food and Diary Biotechnology, Bio Process Engineering, Nano bio
Technology, Environmental microbiology

Preparation Tips for Kerala SET (LBS) 2021

To begin with the preparation of Kerala SET (LBS) 2020, candidates can refer to the tips provided below:

  • List out important topics: With the detailed syllabus provided above, list out some important topics for the exam. Practice them daily until the basic concept of the topic is clear. Similarly, note down weak sections of the syllabus separately and practice them.
  • Notes: Make sure to make notes of what candidates study. Prepare notes in such a way that it helps in quick revision. Draw diagrams, pointers, flow charts, etc to make notes easily readable, short and precise.
  • Practise: Try to practice one topic a day from each paper. Maintain a schedule with different topics allotted to each day. This helps to cover every topic of the syllabus.
  • Revision: For preparation, it is important to make a schedule. Fix the certain time of the day for revision. By revising topics each day, it will be easy for candidates to memorize different sections.

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