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Dear Aspirants,

CAIIB Previous Year Question Papers PDF with Important Study Material: Solving the papers of CAIIB from the previous years will help you in cracking the 2023 CAIIB EXAM and in the evaluation of your marks. That will not only assist you in understanding the pattern of the Exam and the marking criteria but will also help you in understanding the level of difficulty that CAIIB usually possesses.

In this article you will find the link to the Free pdf files of CAIIB – BFM Previous Year Paper, CAIIB- ABM Previous Year Question Paper, and CAIIB Mock Tests. 

What is CAIIB Exam?

CAIIB: Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers

CAIIB represents a Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers. It is an assessment conducted by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) two times every year. Indian Institute of Banking and Finance is set up in 1928 and these days, it incorporates in excess of 700 banks and budgetary institutes.

It is one of the excellent tests, conducted by the IIBF to get the best from the officials who are as of now individuals from the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance. This test is conducted to check the development methods for basic leadership and general banking management. It comprises 2 mandatory papers and one discretionary paper.

It means to give propelled information and abilities identified with basic leadership, change management, and general bank management. It is conducted in the disconnected mode as it were.

CAIIB is broadly perceived over the banking business. Its competitors, for the most part, incorporate the workers of RBI, SIDBI, NABARD, business banks, provincial country banks, and helpful banks, and so on. The representatives who effectively clear the CAIIB test get benefits like impetus, augmentation and advancement, and so forth

The main purpose of conducting the CAIIB 2023 exam is to provide advanced knowledge necessary for better decision-making covering Risk Management, Treasury Management, Credit Management, International Banking, Balance Sheet Management, Economic Analysis, etc. for the candidates who are JAIIB qualified.

CAIIB Previous Year Question Papers PDF
CAIIB Previous Year Question Papers PDF

Download CAIIB Previous Year Question Papers PDF

Download CAIIB Previous Year Question Papers PDF and Important Study Material


Also, Check CAIIB Syllabus 2023

Compulsory papers

  • Advanced Bank Management
  • Bank Financial Management

Optional papers

  • Corporate banking
  • Central banking
  • Rural banking
  • Co-operative banking
  • Retail banking
  • International banking
  • Financial advising
  • Treasury management
  • Risk management
  • Human resources management
  • Information technology


The candidate must be a member of the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) to appear for the CAIIB exam. Most of the Public sector banks check the scorecard of CAIIB for their recruitment.

CAIIB paper 2 Recollected Questions

  • Numerical on Pre and post shipment
  • LCR and liquify ration numerical 5 marks
  • Credit rating easy ques 5 marks
  • SLR CRR case study 5 marks
  • One question on NPA provisioning, with values to calculate
  • Trading book, Liquidity risk, 1-1 marks questions
  • Principals in Basel II – 5 marks case study
  • Systemic Risk, concentration, Interest rate risk, yeild curve, concept based 1-1 marks questions
  • A Bank has 20 cr under foreign translation exposure. Where does it appear? Statutory
  • reserve/profile and loss account/Surplus reserve
  • If banks do not meet crr limit based on what rate penal interest is charged ..if
  • requirement doesn’t meet on one day and what if it doesn’t meet on succeeding days also
  • Temporary assets to volatile liability ratio – >1 implies what, <1 implies what
  • Roles of supervisor in mentioned in what principles of supervisory review process
  • An importer has availed PC as preshipment loan but the order is cancelled for to somecommercial reasons. Now he wants bank to allow him to use the same loan by his sister concern which got a new export order. Can the bank permit the sister concern to avail the PC?
  • Insurance date is 09.10.2020. Shipment date is 08.10.2020. Can the bank accept the docs or can return stating there is discrepancy?
    What is the tenure of Treasury bills being issued? 91days/182days/364 days
  • A 10 year bond has modified duration of 4.62, what is price value-0.462*/0.0462/0.00462/46.2
  • Maturity Ladder
  • Call Money/Notice Money
  • ECGC
  • Types of Forex Accounts
  • Question on provisioning for standard assets
  • Question on risk rating AAA AA BB CC… – 5 Marks
  • Case study on Letter of credit – 5 Marks
  • Question on the calculation of leverage ratio – 5 Marks
  • DGAP Equations related question – 5 Marks
  • Question on Rating migration – 5 Marks
  • Lot of questions related to ALM
  • Tier I and Tier-I capital questions
  • Yield problems
  • What is tier 2 capital?
  • EEFC ac case study
  • SLR And CRR ratio
  • Time bucket case study
  • Risk questions 3 4
  • Max questions on letter of credit
  • Treasury products

CAIIB Question Paper 2023

Paper Level- Moderate (26 June 2022)

  • National Income
  • Drawing power case study
  • Erik Erthsom
  • Correlation
  • Types of Personality (Types of persons)
  • Ratio Qus (Case study)
  • FRBM Act
  • CRR related qus
  • Monetry & Fiscal
  • Regession
  • Capital Conservation buffer
  • Working capital
  • Bond Price (Case study)
  • Letter of credit
  • Infrastructure
  • Narrow money
  • Sarfaesi Act (2 Q)
  • NPA related (Case study)
  • GDP (Case study)
  • Cash credit related (case study)
  • Demand and supply (Case study)
  • Regression
  • Present value Annity
  • Gini Index
  • Maslow
  • Inflation based qus
  • Vroom Thery
  • Average Moving Method
  • Population Standard Error
  • Ends refer to welfare
  • Net profit ratio
  • Estimation
  • Fiscal related (Numerical)
  • Method economy based qus
  • HRM
  • APA (HRM Motivation)
  • PV of Ordinary Annuity
  • weightage of correlation regression is 8-9 questions
  • Sinking Numerical
  • IS theory
  • Demand Pull inflation
  • ​Macro economics
  • ​ Drawing power
  • ​2 question on Manager 1 Manager3
  • ​IC limit calculation
  • From bond 05 question
  • HRM (Case Study)
  • ​case study on fiscal deficit and revenue deficit primary deficit
  • Ebitda one question

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for CAIIB Exam 2023

1. Not allocating a sufficient amount of Study time daily:

This is a very common mistake done by many CAIIB aspirants, Cramming the information before the night of the exam or before two days may help you in the JAIIB examination (Although it is the wrong way of preparation). But here in the CAIIB examination, it won’t help you to even score thirty marks. A thorough understanding of concepts is needed for almost all topics so having a daily study routine is a must for all aspirants.
I know it is very tough to find time during our busy banking hours. If you don’t have time for a continuous 2 hrs then split the study hours into three or four sessions of 30 to 40 minutes a day. Since the syllabus of CAIIB subjects covers many topics; an In-depth understanding of each topic is also needed to answer questions that test our knowledge, analytical skills, and problem-solving skills. So daily allocating a sufficient amount of study time is necessary.

2. Not having a clear focus on an optional paper:

Selecting the correct optional paper and having a clear focus on it, is a must for the successful completion of the CAIIB exam. Although Retail banking and Financial Banking are easy papers to clear, You need to choose your optional paper based on your knowledge, interesting areas in banking, and career development. Don’t follow other recommendations for optional papers blindly. You have to analyze and decide on your optional paper.
Remember CAIIB is not only for increments; it also provides much useful theoretical knowledge in different areas of banking.

3. Not learning the basic concepts:

Every topic of subject has basic and fundamental concepts to be learned by heart. Learning them thoroughly makes us understand the more complex concepts. Complex concepts are nothing but complex combinations of simple and basic concepts. We should have studied the fundamental concepts in JAIIB (who knows it now ;P ;)).

If not revise it then and there when it is required.To learn the fundamental concepts of economy, business maths, accountancy you can refer more books from your commerce background friends. Remember learning complex concepts won’t be useful if you don’t understand the fundamental concepts behind them.

4. Not understanding and giving importance to syllabus:

In any examination, if we want to pass that exam we should thoroughly understand the syllabus first. Because understanding the syllabus will give us a clear picture of what we are going to learn. We also get some insights into the subject. It also helps us to have an idea of whether we are familiar with that topic or not. This will help you to assess the complexity of the subject and how much time you need to spend with a topic.
Give importance to the syllabus helps to choose the right books for our preparation. Because there are materials that don’t cover the full syllabus (only the main areas of the syllabus) are available free in many study groups and websites. Aspirants who don’t aware of the syllabus simply read those materials and attend the exam.

5. Not having a preparation strategy and study plan

This is a common mistake many aspirants do, thinking there is no necessary for planning your study. They even think it is a waste of time. Whatever excuses we give, having a preparation strategy and study plan is a must for any type of exam. It will help us to be goal-oriented and stay focused on our target. If you do your targeted studies every day, it will make you motivated. As you progress through your schedule you will feel relaxed and your stress level for the exam is reduced.
Creating a schedule will hardly take one to two hours of your time. While creating a schedule of your own you will also analyze the syllabus. There are many benefits can be pointed out for having a good study plan. Though the initial effort may look too much, the benefits are fruitful and long-lasting.

6. Not taking effective notes while studying itself

Many aspirants not even consider taking notes is a part of the study. While studying if you take notes you will give importance to details. Giving importance to details will make you ask more questions and to find short answers for it. This enhances your understanding of the topic. It also makes you break down the contents of your learning in an easy way.

Therefore your memory increases and whenever you see the notes you can recollect the content. Thus taking notes helps you for better and easy revision. I know it is time-consuming but once you are familiarised, it will be easy for you to take notes. Because your eyes can spot the important detail easily; Your mind organizes them with an analogy for easy remembrance.

7. Not solving and practicing mathematical problems:

Unlike JAIIB, here calculations, formulas, and case studies are very important. You definitely need to solve all the problems in your study materials and workbooks you got. Don’t simply study a formula using one example of a problem related to it. Change the parameters and create a problem of your own then solve it. By doing so, you will learn about the importance of each parameter of the formula.
Practice, Practice, Practice!!!!!.

There is no replacement for practicing when solving problems, case studies, and balance sheet analysis. When solving problems related to the Balance sheets also use the same method as described above. Thereby we can improve our problem-solving skills and analytical skills.

8. Not revising the topics regularly:

Many aspirants ignore the importance of revising, stating there is no time for revising. If you are not making a study plan you will not even find time to complete the syllabus. So no excuses, use your notes to revise the topic at regular intervals. For example, every Sunday spare 20 to 30 minutes for revising, in addition to your study time.
“Revise little but often” is the key strategy. Repeated revision makes you feel bored and gives a feeling “Ahh!!! I know it. Don’t need to study”. But it makes you master a topic; If five questions are asked from a single topic for knowledge testing; You can answer all, with 100% accuracy.

9. Not learning from the mistakes:

The biggest and costliest thing is learning from your mistakes. If you have failed in an attempt, accept the failure, and analyze where you lacked. When I say accept your failure that doesn’t mean to blame yourself. It means asking yourself questions related to finding the cause of the failure.

What is the main reason for the non-completion of the syllabus? In which topic I should improve my knowledge? etc, How can I improve my reading ability further?
The answer to the questions should not be too general. It should be specific to spot your weaknesses. When you find your weakness please work on it. Nobody is perfect in the universe; So find your weakness and mistakes; Try to rectify them before your next attempt.

10. Not using the technology for proper and effective preparation of exams:

Because of technology we can study anything from anywhere. So use your mobile, internet, websites, Facebook communities, forums, and blogs, etc, You can get any information from the internet in just a single click or a single press of your finger. I am not saying you to depend on them but to use them as effectively as possible.

So do your search whatever you feel useful to subscribe to them.
Also, many websites offer free mock tests, CAIIB Previous Year Question Papers use them to test your knowledge. While giving mock tests take it as seriously as an exam. Then only you can know your time management under pressure and boosts your confidence.

These are the common 10 mistakes to avoid while preparing for the CAIIB examination. I hope you will get something out of this post. Feel free to give your comments in the comment section below. Study hard and smart. Have a Happy preparation!!!.

FAQ on CAIIB Previous Year Question Papers

Q. Which subject is tough in Caiib?

Ans: BFM is supposed to be the toughest of all the papers. It involves a lot of mathematical concepts, case studies, and numerical problems where participants get stuck due to a lack of background knowledge or familiarity with mathematical concepts, numbers, calculations, or simply lots of data and analysis.

Q. What is the easiest way to clear Caiib?

Ans: You can clear CAIIB in one go by just referring to kits from Narang’s Bankers Training Institute, for as small a period as a fortnight provided you are planning to clear CAIIB in the shortest possible span of time and determined to study the material thoroughly and devote extra time in the short span.

Q. What are the papers in Caiib?

Ans: There are three papers in the CAIIB exam, 2 compulsory papers for all candidates i.e. Advanced Bank Management and Bank Financial Management, and 1 elective paper (comprising 11 subjects) of their choice. All three papers (individually) will be carrying 100 multiple choice questions of 100 marks.

Q. Which is the easiest subject in Caiib?

Ans: In retail banking, questions will be asked about general banking functions that can be known to a bank staff by dealing at the counter. So for the majority, retail banking is felt to be easy.

Q. How do I start studying for Caiib?

Ans: So, if you start early, 30 minutes a day is a good time investment to master the concepts covered under CAIIB. Or you could read the material a few times over like a storybook before approaching mock tests or practice papers, and you will be able to answer the questions correctly.

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