IBPS RRB Salary 2020 – Check PO & Clerk In-hand Salary

IBPS RRB Salary 2020: The Institute of Institute of Banking Personnel Selection is enlisting PO and Clerks this year and the online assessment Prelims will occur in September/October 2020. Pay and advantages are one of the significant spurring factors for understudies who mean to turn into a banker and split IBPS RRB tests.

Here we will examine IBPS RRB Salary for both the posts PO or Officer Scale-I and Clerk or Office Assistants. Continue perusing to think about the compensation scale, advantages and recompenses and occupation profile of both the posts under IBPS RRB Recruitment 2020.

IBPS RRB Salary 2020: In Hand Salary

The pay scale for IBPS RRB office assistants or clerk is in the range of Rs. 7200-400/3-8400-500/3-9900-600/4-12300-700/7-17200-1300/1-18500-800/1-19300.Rs. 19000- Rs. 22000 is the cash in hand for newly appointed candidates.

IBPS RRB Salary For Clerk & Officer Post
IBPS RRB PostsIBPS RRB salary (In-hand Salary)
IBPS RRB ClerkRs. 15000 – Rs.20000
IBPS RRB Officer (PO)Rs. 29,000 – Rs. 33,000
Officer Scale-IIRs. 33,000 – Rs. 39,000
Officer Scale IIIRs. 38,000 – Rs. 44,000

IBPS RRB Clerk Salary 2020: In Hand Salary

The In-Hand Salary of IBPS RRB Office Assistant varies from Rs. 15,000 – 20,000/-. This salary may vary for different organizations. 100% DA is given for the new recruits.

IBPS RRB Office Assistant or IBPS RRB Clerk Pay Scale is Rs. 7200-(400/3)-8400-(500/3)-9900-(600/4)-12300-(700/7)-17200-(1300/1)-18500-(800/1)-19300

IBPS RRB Job Profile Of Clerk

When a candidate is appointed as an IBPS RRB Clerk he/she is under training or probation period of 6 months. During this time period, he/she gets acquainted with the functions that will be executed by them. The Job Profile of an IBPS RRB Clerk or an office assistant is given below:

  1. Handle Receipts: An IBPS RRB Office Assistant receives and acknowledges cash, drafts, cheques, pay orders and other instruments.
  2. Handle Withdrawals: Passing and paying out cash payment of withdrawal forms, cheques, etc
  3. Handle mails and delivery: Acknowledging inward mails, preparing outward mails and managing the delivery of cheque books

IBPS RRB PO 2020 Salary: In Hand Salary

The Pay-scale for IBPS RRB Officer Scale 1 or IBPS RRB PO is 14500-600/7-18700-700/2-20100-800/7-25700.

The In-hand Salary of an IBPS Officer Scale I or PO at present varies from Rs.29,000 to 33,000 at 100% D.A.

IBPS RRB Job Profile of PO

When a candidate is appointed for the post of IBPS RRB PO he/she undergoes a training or is under probation of 2 years. During the probationary period, the candidate will receive a fixed amount that is usually less than the normal pay scale. The job profile for the candidates selected for IBPS RRB Officer Scale I (PO) is given below.

  • To manage the day-to-day banking operations.
  • Loan disbursement & credit portfolio rating.
  • To take care of single window operations or being a teller.
  • Focus on the agricultural schemes and policies for the rural market.
  • Preparing the audit reports and NPA recovery also forms a major job task.

Apart from the tasks mentioned here, one also has to take care of in-house staff and managing of the clerical staff. Running and operations of banks also rely on the Probationary Officer.

IBPS RRB Officer Scale I: Career Growth

IBPS RRB Officer Scale-I is a position for the post of Probationary Officer (PO) in the RRB’s. The in-hand salary of IBPS RRB Officer ranges from Rs. Rs. 29,000 – Rs. 33,000.

An IBPS RRB Officer Scale I will be under probation for a period of 2 years. After that he/she will be appointed as a regular serving employee thereby, being promoted to the post of Assistant Manager. The promotional hierarchy for IBPS RRB Officer Scale I is shown below:

  1. IBPS RRB Officer Scale I (PO)
  2. Assistant Manager
  3. Deputy Manager
  4. Branch Manager
  5. Senior Branch Manager
  6. Chief Manager
  7. Assistant General Manager
  8. Deputy General Manager
  9. General Manager

IBPS RRB Salary: Perks & Allowances

The IBPS RRB Salary includes Dearness Allowances (DA) and House Rent Allowance (HRA) for all the scales of IBPS RRB.

The table below displays the detailed information of all the allowances provided to the IBPS RRB Officers.

IBPS RRB Salary Allowances 
Dearness Allowance46.5% of the basic pay.
House Rent AllowanceFor Rural Areas: 5% of the basic payFor Semi-urban Areas: 7.5% of the basic payFor Urban Areas: 10% of the basic pay
Special Allowances7.75% of the basic pay.

Apart from these allowances, there are also the following perks tagged along with the IBPS RRB Salary in India:

  • Travel Allowances: Full traveling allowance or reimbursement of the money spent on petrol/diesel.
  • Leased Accommodation: Banks mostly provide their employees either a bank quarter to stay in or gives an option to lease a house for which the bank is accountable for providing the rent.
  • Medical Reimbursement
  • Pension Schemes
  • Overtime Allowance
  • Newspaper Allowance
  • Miscellaneous

IBPS RRB Salary: FAQ’s

  1. Q.What are the posts for which I can apply for IBPS RRB?

    Ans. You can apply for the post of IBPS RRB Clerk or Office Assistant, IBPS RRB Officer Scale I or PO, IBPS RRB Officer Scale II, and IBPS RRB Officer Scale III. However, you can apply only for one post in Officer Category.

  2. Q. What is the pay scale of IBPS RRB Clerk?

    Ans. The Pay Scale of IBPS RB Clerk is Rs. 7200-(400/3)-8400-(500/3)-9900-(600/4)-12300-(700/7)-17200-(1300/1)-18500-(800/1)-19300.

  3. Q. What is the pay scale of IBPS RRB PO?

    Ans. The pay scale of an IBPS RRB PO is 14500-600/7-18700-700/2-20100-800/7-25700.

  4. Q. What is the salary of an IBPS RRB PO?

    Ans. The salary of an IBPS RRB PO at present varies from Rs.29,000 to 33,000 at 100% D.A

  5. Q. What is the job of an IBPS RRB PO or Officer Scale I?

    Ans. An IBPS RRB PO carries the duty of Loan disbursement & credit portfolio rating, preparation of the audit reports, and NPA recovery as well as to manage the day to day operations of the bank.

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