IDBI Assistant Manager PGDBF 2019 Shift- 2: Exam Analysis 


IDBI Assistant Manager

IDBI Assistant Manager PGDBF 2019 Shift- 2: Exam Analysis

IDBI Assistant Manager Exam Analysis for the Second Shift.

The second shift of the IDBI Bank Assistant Manager (PGDBF) Exam 2019 is also over now. We provided you with the first shift’s analysis as well. And we are here with the analysis of the examination to help out the students from the third shift and give them an estimate on what to expect from the examination. will be providing you the expected questions and also the difficulty level of all the sections which includes the English Language, Logical Reasoning and Data Analysis & Interpretation, Quantitative Aptitude, and General/Economy/Banking Awareness. The second shift of IDBI Assistant Manager (PGDBF) 2019 was overall of the Easy level.
As shared by the students, this shift also followed the SSC pattern just like the First shift. Here we present to you the second shift analysis taken from the students who appeared for the IDBI Assistant Manager’s second shift exam. We hope that the students did well in the exam.

IDBI Assistant Manager Exam Analysis 2019: Section-wise Analysis

Subject Good Attempt
Logical Reasoning, Data Analysis & Interpretation 48-56
English Language 29-34
Quantitative Aptitude 27-33
General Awareness 31-41
Total 135-147

NOTE: Composite time was of 120 minutes.

Logical Reasoning, Data Analysis & Interpretation (Easy-Moderate)

Despite the name, this section had no questions from the logical reasoning or the data interpretation. The level of the second shift was of an Easy-Moderate level. And resembled the questions from the first shift and pattern was kind of the SSC pattern. Questions from the puzzle and sitting arrangement were not arranged consecutively rather they were jumbled in the section (For e.g. If the first question of circular sitting arrangement appears at number 2 than the second and third did not follow rather they might have appeared at number 8 or 15 and so on). There were 2 sets of Puzzles and Seating Arrangement, the following are the types:

  • Circular Seating Arrangement
  • Linear Seating Arrangement (Facing north)

Syllogism was of conventional type, with no questions of only a few. There were questions of mirror image and water image as well, which are usually seen in the SSC exam.

Topics No. of Questions Level
Puzzles and Seating Arrangement 10 Easy
Syllogism 5 Easy-Moderate
Blood Relation (Coding-Decoding form)
Blood relation (sentence form)
Inequalities 5 Easy-Moderate
Wrong Number Series (Find the odd one out) 1 Easy-Moderate
Coding-Decoding (SSC Pattern) 5 Easy
Number based questions 4 Easy
Image-based (rotating Clockwise/Anti-clockwise) 5 Easy
Count number of triangles in a figure 1 Easy
Direction Sense 6 Easy-Moderate
Count number of squares in a figure 1 Easy
Identify the odd one out 5 Easy
Alphabet based questions 3 Easy
Mirror Image 1 Easy
Water Image 1 Easy
Total 60 Easy to Moderate

Quantitative Aptitude (Easy)

The Quantitative Aptitude section was of an Easy level. The first shift was of easy level and the Questions from the Arithmetic dominated this section. In this shift, there was 1 Data Interpretation (pie-chart) the same as the first shift which also had just a single DI. The majority of the questions in DI set were based on percentages.

Topic No. of Questions Level
Data Interpretation 5 Easy-Moderate
Missing number series 5 Easy
Simplification 4 Easy
Average 4 Easy
Wrong series 1 Easy
Partnership 2 Easy
Simple Interest & Compound Interest 7 Easy
Problem on Ages 1 Easy
Quotient and Dividend 1 Easy
Profit and Loss 5 Easy
Arithmetic Word Problems (Profit and Loss, Problem on Ages, Partnership, etc) 5 Easy
Total 40 Easy

English Language (Easy)

The English section in the First shift was easy to moderate level. and the difficulty level for the second shift was. Just like the first shift, there were no questions based on Reading comprehension.

Topic No. of Questions Level
Sentence Rearrangement 5 Easy-Moderate
Sentence Correction 5 Easy
Single Word Filler 8 Easy
Cloze Test 5 Easy
Antonyms & Synonyms 8 Easy
Spelling Error 6 Easy
One word Substitution 3 Easy
Total 40 Easy

General Awareness- (Moderate)

The economic awareness section covered the major part of the general awareness question just like the first shift. There were just 1 -2 questions from the current awareness section and questions from banking awareness were related to UPI and the abbreviations related to few international laws, but the level was not so difficult. 2- 3 questions were from static awareness.

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