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NEET Previous Year Question Papers can be a very effective tool for NEET aspirants who are aiming for NEET 2024. These papers not only help you to understand the NEET exam pattern but also help you to learn time management. NEET aspirants always remain searching for previous year’s papers to familiarize themselves with the exam’s format, gain exposure to varied question types, and refine their problem-solving skills. Understanding the importance we are providing NEET previous years question paper PDF. This will lay a robust foundation by enhancing their preparedness for the challenging NEET examination.

The NEET Examinations, formerly known as the AIPMT, is the entrance exam that students undergo to get admission into MBBS and BDS programmes across the medical colleges in Indian medical and dental colleges. This is one of the most competed exams anywhere in the world for students who want to pursue Medicine. The exam consists of questions from +2 level of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with questions from moderate to advanced level.

NEET Previous Year’s Question Papers With Answer

Prepare for the NEET by reviewing previous test papers with answers. You can find them on reputable websites such as NEET’s official site or PW website. These papers are like a sneak peek at the actual exam, and they include solutions as well. 

It’s like having a guide to help you understand how to solve each problem. So, go ahead, download them, and give yourself an extra boost for your NEET preparation.

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NEET Previous Year Question Papers Marks Distribution

Understanding the marks distribution in the NEET Previous Year Question Papers is crucial to navigate through the exam strategically. The marks distribution involves not just gaining points for correct answers but also accounting for negative marking. Here’s a breakdown of the marks distribution in the NEET Question Paper:

NEET Previous Year Question Papers Marks Distribution
SectionNumber of QuestionsMarks for Correct AnswerNegative MarkingTotal Marks
Biology (Botany + Zoology)90+4-1360

Note 1 – Each correct answer in NEET fetches +4 marks. Aspirants need to maximize their correct responses to achieve a high score.

Note 2 – NEET follows a penalty for incorrect answers. For every incorrect response, 1 mark is deducted. This indicates the need for cautious answering to avoid losing valuable marks.

Note 3 – Leaving a question unanswered has no impact on the total marks. However, it’s advisable to attempt all questions but avoid them if you are not sure about the answer.

Understanding these aspects of marks distribution allows candidates to prepare a strategic approach, balancing accuracy and attempts, ultimately enhancing their performance in the NEET exam.

NEET Previous Year Question Papers Difficulties

Here with this data you can analyze the previous year’s question papers and predict the difficulty level and completion for the NEET 2024 exam which is going to happen on 5th May.

Difficulty Level of NEET Previous Year Question Papers – An Overview
YearCut-Off (Percentile)Number of StudentsNumber of SeatsDifficulty Level
20235018,05,68988,112High Difficulty

Note 1 – NEET, being a highly competitive exam, is known for its challenging nature. The difficulty level of the paper is influenced by various factors, including the diversity of questions, time constraints, and the depth of knowledge required.

Note 2 – NEET papers often exhibit variations in difficulty across different years. Some years may have a more challenging set of questions, while others might be relatively less difficult.

Note 2 – The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), which used to conduct NEET, aimed for a balanced difficulty level, but variations were always there. Now NTA conducts the NEET Exam every year.

Note 3 – Changes in the exam pattern, such as the introduction of multiple sessions, impact the perceived difficulty. Candidates might find certain sessions more challenging based on factors like question distribution and types.

Note 4 – NEET cut-offs vary each year based on factors like question difficulty, the performance of candidates, and the overall marking scheme. A higher level of difficulty may lead to a lower cut-off, as students might find it challenging to score high marks.

Note 5 – The high competition for limited medical seats makes the NEET exam highly competitive.

Note 6 – A high level of competition often results in a higher cut-off, as aspirants strive to secure a high percentile to secure admission. The cut-off is determined by the percentile score, and aspirants must aim for a percentile above the cut-off to secure a seat in medical colleges.

Note 7 – The number of students appearing for NEET has been consistently high, which results in huge competition.

Note 8 – The difficulty level can vary, but a good strategy, comprehensive preparation, and regular practice can contribute to overcoming the challenges that come with the NEET exam.

Understanding the different aspects of NEET, including cut-off trends, competition, and the influence of difficulty levels, is essential for aspirants to navigate the exam successfully.

Benefits of NEET question paper with solutions PDF

  • It is essential for candidates to practice NEET UG’s previous year’s papers to understand the exam pattern. They will also gain an insight into the types and levels of questions asked in the examination and they will also get familiar with the NEET UG 2024 marking scheme.
  • By practicing NEET questions with solutions, candidates will be more likely to solve a problem.
  • The NEET question papers with solutions will also be useful for identifying whether or not one’s answer is correct.
  • The aspirants will learn what each chapter weighs in the NEET exam 2024, thus planning their preparation accordingly
  • After completing the NEET previous year’s papers, candidates can evaluate their preparation level and know what areas they need to focus on.
  • NEET’s previous year’s papers will familiarize candidates with the exam environment and boost confidence by familiarizing them with the exam format. Candidates can mark important topics in NEET 2024 and consider those during revisions.
  • In order to score well in the NEET examination, having a clear understanding of the concepts that are frequently asked allows candidates to prepare these concepts thoroughly. Solving previous year’s papers and taking mock tests may help candidates learn how to manage their time in the exam.


Why should I solve NEET previous year papers?

Solving previous year papers provides insights into the exam pattern, helps understand question types, and enhances time management skills, contributing to effective preparation.

How can solving previous year NEET papers benefit my preparation?

Regular practice with NEET previous year papers boosts confidence, aids in self-assessment, identifies weak areas for improvement, and provides a comprehensive revision tool.

When should I start solving the previous year papers for NEET?

Start solving previous years papers early in your preparation, gradually progressing to cover a wide range of topics. Early practice enhances familiarity with the exam pattern.

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