One Word Substitution PDF asked in SSC Exam


One Word Substitution PDF

One Word Substitution PDF

Today we are sharing a significant PDF for example Rundown of All One-word Substitution Questions asked in SSC Exams from 1997 to date for expected SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, Bank, Insurance and other Competitive Exams. This PDF has been made by Online Mentors and appropriate credits go to them. You may download this PDF from the connection gave underneath.

What is One Word Substitution

One word substitution is the process of using one word for a phrase means It is a process where individuals utilize one word to substitute a wordy phrase, to make the sentence structure increasingly clear. In the English language, it is imperative to compose accurately and talk in a solitary word. This makes the language effectively reasonable as well as makes it delightful or we can say that these words acquire pressure any sort of composing. Luckily, in the English language, there is a ton of words that can be utilized to make the composition to the point without losing the importance of the unique circumstance.

One word Substitution is one of the necessary pieces of vocabulary. It just means that a sentence must be supplanted with a solitary word. This zone requires a decent vocabulary to comprehend the inquiries well. Questions dependent on one-word substitution are regularly asked in different aggressive tests.

For example A hater of womankind – Misogynist

One simple technique for doing one-word substitution is by using the root strategy. Roots are only the words from which the fundamental word has been determined. In our different arrangements of vocabulary, we have merged the arrangements of root words that will facilitate your readiness.

 one word substitution

Follow Given Tips To Be The Master of One Word Substitution

  1. Understanding papers and magazines to improve your vocabulary up as it were. Make a rundown of new words and record the equivalent words and their utilization in the English language structure.
  2. Endeavor online test arrangement, mock tests, and earlier year papers normally and thoroughly.
  3. Play English word games like crossword bewilder or other games that can upgrade your vocabulary records.
  4. Use Mnemonics or other remembrance procedures to improve the learning of such words.
  5. Attempt paper writing and passage writing in English to Hindi and Hindi to English.
  6. Watch English stations and narrative films to release to get a handle on capacity on new words.
  7. Make a propensity for communicating in English with the assistance of the preplanned content. On the off chance that important, at that point record, it with their implications and hear it out, in any event, one time. It will assist you in establishing an association with your cerebrum bringing about recollecting the significance of troublesome words.

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