Number Series Questions PDF Free Download (Score-Up PDF)


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Number Series Questions PDF Download: Number Series is the Important Chapter Asked in the Quantitative Aptitude Section. The Questions under this topic are usually asked for 5 Marks.

Number Series Questions PDF
Number Series Questions PDF

Number Series Questions PDF (Overview)

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What is Number Series

The arrangement of numbers in a certain order, and in which some numbers are placed wrongly in the series and some numbers are missing is known as a “Number Series”.

Based on computing the Addition and Subtraction of the numbers, applicants need to watch and find the correct number to the series of numbers.

Download Number Series Questions PDF

Dear Candidates, Competitive examination is approaching very shortly, Here we have given the list of Expected Number Series Questions PDF. Candidates who are preparing for the Competitive examination can make use of it.

Basics to Solve Number Series Questions

A number series is only a sequence of numbers masterminded in some logical manner. This point essentially comprises a lot of numbers associated with a particular pattern and you have to recognize the pattern and answer the missing number or you Kight be Approached to distinguish the number that doesn’t fit the pattern.

To Solve Number Series Question Quickly You Must Learn Squares of Numbers up to 30 & Cubes up to 20. Different Type of Number Series Asked in Competitive Exam Like Some Questions are Based in Addition and Subtraction While Some are Based on Multiplication and Division Method

Types of Number Series Questions Asked In Competitive Exams

Based on subtraction and addition
In series 3, 8, 13, 18, 23, 28 we can see that it is an increasing series and the rate of increase is 8-3 = 5.

In the series 14, 12, 10, 8, 6 we can see that it is a decreasing series and the rate of decrease is 14-12 = 2

Based on division and multiplication
In series 3, 6, 12, 24, 48, we can see that it is an increasing series and the series is increasing by the multiple of 2.

In the series 100, 50, 25, 5, 1 we can see that it is a decreasing series and the series is decreasing as the terms are divided by 5.

Based on square and cube
In series 4, 9, 25, 49, 121, 169, we can see that it is an increasing series. The series is the Square of the consecutive prime numbers from 2 to 13.

In the series 64, 216, 512, 1000, 1728, 2744, we can see that it is an increasing series. The series is the cube of the consecutive Composite numbers from 4 to 14

Based on Alternating Series
In series 3, 9, 5, 15, 11, 33, 29 we can see that it is Alternating series. Every Alternate term forms a part of the series, we can see that it is an Alternating series.(3*3=9), (9-4=5), (5*3=15), (15-4=11) (11*3=33) (33-4=29) so next term is (29*3=87)

Benefits of Solving This Number Series Questions

  • Weak in Number Series Concept? for now, you can have read this article and understand the Basic Concepts.
  • In the below, we have provided the Number Series Questions PDF Notes. Therefore, we provide you the best way to solving Problems even in critical situations.
  • Aspirants, before attempting any competitive exams like Bank, Insurance, SSC, Railway, Entrance exams, you should take more practice on Number Series Questions to solve the problems in a simple way.
  • Note down the tips and tricks included in the content.
  • It may use for your time solving the Questions. What we learn essential is not enough.
  • So, you need to think practically, to get perfection in the concept.
  • Now it’s time to compete for the Competitive exams. So, candidates are suggested to prepare for the Number Series Questions PDF entitled below.

Short cut Tricks to Solve Number Series Questions

Some Tricks & Tips which may be helpful to solve Number Series Questions

Step 1: Check the Difference of Given Numbers
Step 2: If step 1 doesn’t work, then examine the difference of difference. If it also does not work, try to find is there any division or multiplication relationship between numbers?
Step 3: If a difference is clearly increasing or decreasing, then you can guess that it may be due to the Multiplication or Division pattern of series.
Step 4: If none of the above steps works, then try to use the elimination method, which may help you in eliminating 2 to 3 options

(Sample Questions) Number Series

Students must know that Number Series is one of the easy and Scoring topics in the Quantitative Aptitude section for All Competitive Exams and more practice will help them score more and solve them within a short period of time.

Given below a few Previous Year Questions for the reference of candidates and to help them prepare for the upcoming Competitive Examinations.

Directions (1 to 3): For the given Number Series, find what will come in place of the question mark (?)

1) 5, 8, 6, 9, 7, 10, …?
A. 7
B. 8
C. 12
D. 13
Answer: Option B

This is a simple alternating addition and subtraction series. In the first pattern, 3 is added; in the second, 2 is subtracted.

2) 30 27 5 23 20 5 16
A. 13 5
B. 10 7
C. 11 8
D. 5 10
E. 10 5
Answer: Option A

This is an alternating subtraction series with the interpolation of a random number, 5, as every third number. In the subtraction series, 3 is subtracted, then 4, then 3, and so on.

3) 8 4 4 8 32 ?
Answer: Option D

Explanation :
6 * 0.5 = 3
3 * 1 = 3
3 * 2 = 6
6 * 4 = 24
24 * 8 = 182

FAQ on Number Series Questions

Q. How do you solve series questions in quantitative aptitude?

Ans: Steps To Solve Number Series
Step 1: Screening. Candidates should first read the question carefully. …
Step 2: Check the pattern Decreasing or Increasing or Alternating. ..
Step 3: Find the rate of increase or decrease if the series is of increasing or decreasing pattern.

Q. What is number series in quantitative aptitude?

Ans: Number Series is a sequence formed out of numbers. In the number series questions, we will have to detect the rules that result in the formation of a number series.

Q. What is the pattern for 2 2 6 6 8 8?

Ans: 12,12 is the correct answer. Must Solve for detailed explanation.

So, we hope that with lots of practice, these steps can help the Aspirants during their Competitive exam preparation to build the Knowledge that is required to solve number series problems during the Competitive exams.

Stay tuned with Dream Big Institution for more updates.

Number series questions PDF

Number Series Questions PDF Free Download (Score-Up PDF)


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