IB ACIO Salary 2023, In Hand Salary After 7th Pay Commission


IB ACIO Salary 2023

The IB ACIO Salary 2023 details have been released alongside the announcement of the IB ACIO Recruitment 2023, which aims to fill 995 vacancies for Assistant Central Intelligence Officers. This opportunity has garnered significant interest from a large number of candidates due to the highly attractive IB ACIO Salary 2023 structure. The initial pay scale for IB ACIO is set at Rs. 44,900/- and has the potential to increase up to Rs. 1,42,400/-. In addition to the basic pay, the position offers various perks and allowances. Explore this article to gain a comprehensive understanding of the detailed IB ACIO Salary 2023 structure, including its benefits, gross pay, allowances, job profile, and more.

Intelligence Bureau ACIO Salary 2023

 Intelligence Bureau ACIO Salary 2023 has been regulated effectively by the Ministry of Home Affairs as per the 7th Pay Commission. The level of the IB ACIO position is considered to be extremely top-notch. So, candidates from all the states will be applying for this, which will elevate the competitive scale. Aspiring candidates must be aware of the IB ACIO Salary 2023 to understand the potential of this position. Moreover, the added perks and allowances make this opportunity more enhancing. Follow this post to learn more about Intelligence Bureau ACIO Salary 2023.

IB ACIO Salary Structure 2023

The initial pay scale for the IB ACIO Grade II/Executive post is Rs. 44,900 which can reach a maximum upto Rs. 1,42,400. The Grade Pay for IB ACIO Grade II/Executive is Rs. 4600. The in-hand salary of IB ACIO ranges from Rs. 80375 to Rs. 90257/- (depending on the location of posting). Besides the pay scale, the appointed candidates will also be granted various allowances and benefits.

IB ACIO Salary Structure 2023
Pay ScaleRs. 44,900 to 1,42,400
Grade PayRs. 4600/-
Pay LevelLevel 7
Dearness Allowance (DA)Rs. 20,654/- (46% of basic pay)
Special Security Allowance (SSA)Rs. 8,980 (20% of basic pay)
House Rent Allowance (HRA)Ranging from 9% to 27% depending upon the classification of city of posting
X cities- 27% of basic pay- Rs. 12,123
Y cities- 18% of basic pay- Rs. 8,802
Z cities- 9% of basic pay- Rs. 4,041
Transport Allowance (TA)X City- Rs. 3600
Y City- Rs. 1800
Government Contribution Towards NPSRs. 6,286 (14%)
Total SalaryX cities- Rs. 90,257
Y cities- Rs. 84,416
Z cities- Rs. 80,375

In addition to the basic pay and allowances, government employees often receive other benefits such as medical facilities, pensions, and various allowances as per government rules. The candidates after joining as IB ACIO Grade II/Executive will also be provided with other facilities and benefits which are as-

  1. Cash compensation in lieu of duty performed on holidays is subject to a ceiling of 30 days.
  2. Annual increment
  3. Medical facilities (for self and dependent family members)
  4. LTC facilities (for self and dependent family members)
  5. Children Education Allowances
  6. Government Accommodation (as per availability)

IB ACIO Salary 2023: Career Growth

The IB ACIO position will serve as diversifying career growth opportunities for the selected candidates. Your performance will be evaluated, and accordingly, you will be eligible for the senior positions. Moreover, the candidate can easily conquer the leadership roles. In this section, we have mentioned the IB ACIO Salary 2023 Career Growth aspects you can expect from the organization.

  • Assistant Central Intelligence Officer (ACIO): This is the most entry-level post a candidate will be awarded with. The recruited candidate will be selected as per the qualifications and their performance in the entrance examination.
  • Deputy Central Intelligence Officer (DCIO): When a candidate will be working for several years and if their performance will be commendable, they will be selected for the position of Deputy Central Intelligence Officer.
  • Assistant Director (AD): In the next phase, the candidate may lead to the leading position of Assistant Director of IB. This designation will make the candidate carry many crucial roles.
Job ProfileExperience
ACIO-I3-4 Years
DCIO10 Years
Assistant Director25-30 Years

B ACIO Salary 2023 After 7th Pay Commission

The structure of the IB ACIO Salary 2023 has been decided after the 7th Pay Commission. As per the notification PDF, the initial pay range of the organization will be Rs. 44,900/-. Interested candidates should carefully go through the PDF to understand the segmentation of the allowances and perks as the convenience. Due to the IB ACIO Salary 2023 After the 7th Pay Commission, candidates will grasp the opportunity to be awarded with great salary structure.

IB ACIO Salary Deduction

The whole IB Salary for ACIO 2023 is not directly credited to the bank account completely. The organization will consider some IB ACIO Salary Deduction 2023 over the gross pay, such as CGHS, Provident Funds, and others. After authorizing the deductions, the candidate will be getting the net pay credited to their account.

IB ACIO Salary Deduction
Total Deductions1890
Net Pay40730+

IB ACIO Salary 2023 Allowances

The allowances for IB Assistant Central Intelligence Officer Grade II/Executive officers are subject to government rules and may be revised from time to time. Here is an approximate breakdown of the allowances for IB ACIO Grade II officers:

  1. Dearness Allowance (DA)- 46% of basic pay. DA is a variable component and is revised periodically based on the cost of living.
  2. House Rent Allowance (HRA)- 9% to 27% depending upon the classification of city of posting. It is typically a percentage of the basic pay.
  3. Transport Allowance (TA)- Higher TPTA cities- Rs. 3600 + DA on 3600 and Other places- Rs. 1800 + DA on 1800. TA is provided to cover commuting expenses.
  4. Special Security Allowance (SSA)- 20% of basic pay
  5. Other Allowances: There may be additional allowances such as medical allowances and special duty allowances.

IB ACIO Grade 2/Executive Job Profile

The job of an IB ACIO Grade II/Executive is challenging and requires individuals with strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and a deep commitment to national security. The job profile of an IB ACIO Grade II/Executive involves a range of responsibilities related to intelligence and security. While the specific duties may vary, here is a general overview of the job profile:

  • Collecting Intelligence: IB ACIO Grade II/Executive are responsible for collecting information relevant to national security. This may involve gathering data on various subjects, including individuals, organizations, and events, through various means such as surveillance, analysis of communication intercepts, and other intelligence-gathering methods.
  • Analyzing Intelligence: IB ACIO Grade II/Executive analyze collected information to assess threats and provide actionable intelligence to higher authorities. This analysis helps in understanding and mitigating potential risks to national security.
  • Field Operations: ACIOs may be involved in field operations, which could include conducting interviews, gathering information from human sources, and monitoring activities to obtain crucial intelligence.
  • Report Writing: ACIOs are required to prepare detailed reports based on their analysis and findings. These reports are often submitted to senior officials and may influence decision-making at higher levels.
  • Maintaining Confidentiality: Given the sensitive nature of the work, IB ACIO Grade 2 Officers are required to handle information with the utmost confidentiality. They must adhere to security protocols and ensure that classified information is protected.
  • Coordinating with Other Agencies: IB ACIO Grade II/Executive may collaborate with other intelligence and security agencies, both within the country and internationally, to share information and strengthen the overall security apparatus.
  • Security Assessments: IB ACIO Grade II/Executive may be involved in assessing security threats and vulnerabilities in specific regions or sectors. This involves evaluating potential risks and recommending measures to enhance security.
  • Crisis Management: In the event of security threats or crises, IB ACIO Executive may play a role in crisis management, providing real-time intelligence and support to address and mitigate the situation.
  • Court Testimony: IB ACIO Grade II/Executive may be required to testify in court regarding the intelligence they have gathered. This involves presenting information clearly and concisely while adhering to legal and procedural requirements.

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IB ACIO Salary 2023 FAQs

What is the significance of IB ACIO Salary 2023?

The IB ACIO Salary 2023 holds paramount importance for individuals aspiring to join the Intelligence Bureau. It outlines the monetary rewards, benefits, and financial prospects associated with these positions.

What is the basis of the IB ACIO Salary Structure 2023?

The IB ACIO Salary Structure 2023 is formulated according to the 7th Central Pay Commission guidelines. It encompasses basic pay, allowances, and other remunerative components for various positions within the IB.

What roles are covered under the IB Salary 2023 structure?

The IB Salary 2023 structure applies to diverse positions such as Assistant Central Intelligence Officer (ACIO), Junior Intelligence Officer (JIO), Security Assistant (SA), Multi Tasking Staff (MTS), Halwai Cum Cook, and Caretaker.

What allowances are included in the IB ACIO Salary 2023 package?

The IB ACIO Salary 2023 package comprises additional allowances such as house rent allowance, dearness allowance, medical cover, transportation allowance, kit maintenance allowance, field area allowance, and more, depending on the specific role.

What are the career growth prospects for different IB positions?

The IB offers promising career growth opportunities. ACIOs can progress to DCIO and Assistant Director roles. JIOs can advance from ACIO-II to ACIO-I and then to DCIO. SAs can grow into higher roles such as Junior Intelligence Officer (II), Junior Intelligence Officer (I), and Central Intelligence Officer.

IB ACIO Salary 2023, In Hand Salary After 7th Pay Commission


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