List of Chief Ministers of Delhi From 1947-2024 


List of Chief Ministers of Delhi 

Delhi, designated as a union territory, stands as one of India’s nine Union Territories. Within the confines of the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi, the Chief Minister holds the pivotal role of being the primary executive authority. The appointment of the Chief Minister for this union territory is orchestrated by the President of India, who acts on the counsel of the Lieutenant Governor (LG) of Delhi.

Delhi uniquely shares the distinction with only two other Union Territories in India, where the Chief Minister serves as the paramount executive figure. These other Union Territories endowed with Legislative Assemblies and Chief Ministers include Puducherry and Jammu and Kashmir.

List of Chief Ministers of Delhi From 1947-2024

Candidates can go through the list of Chief Ministers Delhi from 1947 – 2024 from the below list:- 

List of Chief Ministers Delhi From 1947-2024
S. NoChief MinistersTook OfficeLeft OfficeParty Name
1Arvind Kejriwal14 Feb 2015PresentAam Aadmi Party
2President’s rule14 Feb 201414 Feb 2015
3Arvind Kejriwal28 Dec 201314 Feb 2014Aam Aadmi Party
4Sheila Dikshit29 Oct 200828 Dec 2013Indian National Congress
5Sheila Dikshit01 Dec 200329 Oct 2008Indian National Congress
6Sheila Dikshit03 Dec 199801 Dec 2003Indian National Congress
7Sushma Swaraj12 Oct 199803 Dec 1998Bhartiya Janta Party
8Sahib Singh Verma26 Feb 199612 Oct 1998Bhartiya Janta Party
9Madan Lal Khurana02 Dec 199326 Feb 1996Bhartiya Janta Party
10Gurmukh Nihal Singh12 Feb 195501 Nov 1956Indian National Congress
11Chaudhary Brahm Prakash17 Mar 195212 Feb 1955Indian National Congress

Chief Ministers of Delhi Important Facts

Chief MinisterDetails
Chaudhary Brahm PrakashHe was the first Chief Minister of Delhi.
Late Sushma SwarajShe was the first female Chief Minister of Delhi.
Late Sheila DikshitShe held the position of Delhi’s Chief Minister the longest. She served as Delhi’s Chief Minister for 15 years, 25 days, from 3 December 1998 to 28 December 2013.

Current Cheif Minister of Delhi 2024

Arvind Kejriwal has been a prominent figure in Indian politics, serving as the national convener of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and holding the position of Chief Minister of Delhi since February 15, 2015. However, his political journey has been marked by both challenges and successes.

His initial term as Chief Minister in December 2013 was short-lived, lasting only 49 days. This abrupt end was due to a lack of support from other political parties, which hindered the passage of anti-corruption legislation, a key focus of his tenure. Kejriwal’s foray into politics began in 2011 when he collaborated with activists such as Kiran Bedi and Anna Hazare to establish the India Against Corruption (IAC) group. This group advocated for the enactment of the Jan Lokpal bill, aimed at combating corruption in the Indian political system.

Despite facing arrests and charges related to public unrest, Kejriwal continued to persevere. His determination paid off when he led the AAP to a remarkable victory in the 2015 Delhi Assembly elections, securing an impressive 67 out of 70 constituencies. During his tenure as Chief Minister, he achieved significant legislative milestones, including the successful passage of the Jan Lokpal Bill.

Before embarking on his political career, Arvind Kejriwal was an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur and held the position of joint commissioner in the Income Tax Department, a part of the Internal Revenue Service. In 2020, he was re-elected as the Chief Minister of Delhi following the Assembly Elections, reaffirming his role as a prominent and influential figure in Indian politics and governance.

FAQ on Chief Ministers of Delhi

Q) Who is the 1st chief minister of Delhi?

Ans. Chaudhary Brahm Prakash was the first Chief Minister of Delhi

Q) How many ministers are there in Delhi?

Ans. There are total seven ministers in Delhi

Q) Who is the first deputy chief minister of Delhi?

Ans. Manish Sisodia of Aam Aadmi Party is the Chief Minister of Delhi

Q) What is the role of the Chief Minister in Delhi?

Ans. The Chief Minister of Delhi serves as the chief executive of the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi and is responsible for the administration and governance of the region.

Q) Who is the CM of Delhi 2024?

Ans. Arvind Kejriwal is the Chief Minister of Delhi

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