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Analogies Questions PDF

1000 Analogies Questions PDF For All Competitive Exams: Today we are sharing PDF Compilations of approx. 1000 Analogy (Reasoning) Questions asked in SSC and Railway Exams in PDF. You may download it from the link provided below. Analogy questions are included in the logical reasoning section of various country’s government exams. Analogy questions are also considered to be quite important and every year a good number of questions are asked from this topic.

In analogy questions, a specific relationship is mentioned, and a similar relationship is found among the various options. As a result, analogy questions are designed to assess a candidate’s overall knowledge, reasoning skills, and capacity to think clearly and properly. We’ve compiled a list of the most common types of analogy questions, along with their solutions, to help candidates prepare and study the subject thoroughly.

What Is Analogy?

Analogy is a sequence of terms in which the semantic series’ next term is determined by first determining the similarities between the two terms that come after it. Semantic analogy is another name for analogy thinking.

Analogy Questions For SSC PDF

By practicing the Analogy Questions For SSC PDF, the exact exam-level questions asked in the SSC exams can be covered. Analogies questions and answers provided here in this Analogy Questions For SSC PDF cover all types of questions asked in the exam. Candidates can improve their base knowledge of the subject and become well-versed in the questions asked on this topic by practicing the questions asked in this Analogy Questions For SSC PDF. Download the Analogy Questions For SSC PDF and practice the questions provided with answers and detailed explanations of the solutions for a better understanding of the concepts.

Analogy Questions For SSC PDF Download
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Analogy Questions For SSCDownload PDF

Types of  Reasoning Analogies

The analogy can be categorized into the following two types −

  • Words Analogy
    Number Analogy

Word analogy again can be reclassified into the following two sections −

  • Meaningful Words
    Non- Meaningful Words
    Kinds of Word Relationship
    First find the relationship between the two given words and once you find that, go for finding the similar relationship word for the asked word from the given options.

Opposite Relationship
If two given pairs are opposite in meaning to each other, similar kind of relationship has to chosen for the question pair from the given options.

For Example −

Kinetic: Potential

Fat: Thin

Synonymous Relationship
The two words of the question pairs are similar in meaning and that relationship has to be found among the words given in the answer choice word pair.

For Example −

Huge: Big

Slim: Thin

Cause and Effect
Here is one word will be the cause then other will be its effect.

Fire: Death

Fasting:: Starvation

Worker and Article Relationship
Here the relationship is about the maker or producer with its production.

For Example −

Writer : Novel

Artist : Painting

Worker and Tool Relationship
Relationship is among a particular class of people and the tools used by them.

For Example −

Student : Pen

DTP Operator : Computer

Tool and Object Relationship
It describes the relationship between the tool and its corresponding object.

Paint : Wall

Knife : Vegetables

Number Analogy
There will be certain relationship among the first two numbers. We have to find that and accordingly solve the question.

For Example −

Question − 4:8:: 16:

A – 21

B – 19

C – 32

D – 51

Answer − Option C

Explanation −

Here either 4 + 4 = 8 or 4 × 2 = 8. Following the similar fashion, our answers should be either 16 + 4 = 20 or 16 + 16 = 32.

As 20 is not there but 32 is there, hence it is the correct answer.

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Q.What are analogy-type questions?

Ans: In analogy questions, a specific relationship is given, and another like relationship must be found from the options provided.

Q.How do you solve an analogy question?

Ans: The only way to improve your analogy ability is to practice. Professionals created our verbal analogy tests, which include detailed explanations. 

Q. How do you detect analogies in analogy questions?

Ans: In the Detecting Analogies questions, the candidate must either find a hidden analogy or a common trait among the provided words or choose a word that has the same characteristic as the given word.

Q. How can analogy questions help improve your vocabulary?

Ans: Students’ enthusiasm and readiness for more complicated readings increase when they practice analogies questions. Teaching aspirants that words can have numerous meanings will help them perform better on standardized tests in the future.

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