Questions Asked in RRB Ministerial and Isolated Categories Exam 2020


Hello Dear Aspirants in This Post we are Providing You List of Questions Asked in the RRB Ministerial and Isolated Categories Exam 2020 held on 16th December 2020

The candidates appearing in the upcoming shifts must check the important questions that were asked in today’s Exam. This will help the candidates prepare more efficiently in the last moment before appearing for the exam. Let us first have a look at the RRB MI 2020 Exam Pattern.

RRB Ministerial and Isolated Categories Exam Pattern 2020:

SubjectNumber of questionsMarks allotted
Professional ability5050
General Awareness1515
General Intelligence and
General science1010

RRB Ministerial and Isolated Categories Shift 1 & Shift 2 Questions Asked In Today’s Exam

Now let’s have a look at the questions asked in today’s shifts of the RRB Ministerial and Isolated Categories Exam 2020. Candidates appearing in the upcoming shifts must read these as there are chances that some questions might be asked which will be related to these topics.

List of Questions Asked in RRB Ministerial and Isolated Categories Exam

Q. How many schedules are there in Indian constitution?

Q. Who is known as frontier Gandhi?
Sol. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

Q. When was direct action day of Muslim league?
Sol. 16th August 1946

Q. Who launched Criio in Men’s World Cup?
Sol. ICC

Q. Which Mughal Emperor kept his wife in Rangoon Prison?
Sol. Bahadur Shah Zafar

Q. Highest Malleable Metal?
Sol. Gold

Q. Father Of Indian Constitution?
Sol. BR Ambedkar

Q. First Political Movement Of Mahatma Gandhi?
Sol. Champaran Movement

Q. Question Related to 2nd Generation Computer based?

Q. Who is the only Indian Player to win a gold medal in singles matches?

Q. Who is the winner of the National Energy Leader Award?

Q. Who is the first state to initiate Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana?

Q. For how many years temporary members are selected in the United Nations?

Q. Radio Carbon Technique is used for?

Q. Swami Vivekanad attended Vishav Dharma Samelan in which year?

Q. Which country tops in Pollution Index?

Q. Origin of Species by natural selection writer is?

Q. On 5th March 2020 who resigned form the RBI Deputy Governor Post?

Q.How many teams participated in the 2019 Cricket World Cup?
Sol. 10 Teams Participated in the 2019 Cricket World Cup which was hosted by England.

Q.Tenure of PM Jawaharlal Nehru?
Sol. 15th August 1947 to 27th May 1964

Q.Which of the following is organic acid?

Q.Question Related to Law of Momentum?

Q.Which of the following Comes first in the food cycle?
Sol. Autotrophs

Q.Question Related to Amphoteric Oxides?
Sol. An amphoteric oxide is an oxide that can act as either an acid or base in a reaction to produce salt and water.

Q. World Environment Day?
Sol. 5th June

Q. Aravalli Range highest Point?
Sol. Guru Shikhar

Q.Which of the following disease is caused by a Virus?
Sol. Mumps was in option

Q.Which of the following Factor Does not cause global warming?

Q.Which of the following is not harmful to the environment?

Q.Largest Wind Farm in India is established at?
Sol. Kanyakumari Tamilnadu

Q. Which treaty was signed by Britishers to give protection to Kings?
Sol.Subsidiary Alliance

Q. Which fair is involved in the 2019 Guinness Book of world record?
Sol.Pryagraj Kumbh Mela

Q.First Novel written in Bangali language?
Sol. Durgeshnandini Written By Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay in 1965

Q.First page that opens when we open a website?
Sol. Homepage

Q. Full form Of UNIVAC?
Sol. Universal Automatic Computer

Q.Question Related to Read-Only Memory?

Q.Question Related to MICR?
Sol. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Technology

Q.State rich in Thorium?
Sol. Kerla

Q.2023 AFC Asian Cup hosting Country?
Sol. China

Q.Which of the following is a Network Topology?
Sol. bus was in option

Q.Question related to Gahirmatha Beach in Odisha?
Sol.Famous for Olive Ridley Sea Turtles

Q.Who is the Founder of the Depressed Classes Association?
Sol. Dr. Ambedkar founded the Depressed Classes Association in 1930.

Q.SI Unit of Force and Weight?

Q.Full Form of URL?
Sol. Uniform Resource Locator

Q.Question Related to Momentum?

Q. Permanent Settlement is applied by?
Sol. Lord Cornwallis

Q.Non Corporation movement is started in?
Sol. 1920 by Mahatma Gandhi

Q. Full form of BCD?
Sol. Binary Coded Decimal

Q.Samvad Kaumudi Newspaper was started by?
Sol. Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Q.Cancer Line Passed Through which state?
Sol. In India, it passed through 8 states Gujrat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Tripura, And Mizoram

Q.Language of 1st Generation of computers
Sol. Machine Language

Q. Question Related to Isobars?

Q. Who regulates banks?
Sol. RBI

Q. Question Related to Primary Sector?
Sol. Raw Material

Q. Which metro receives power from waste to energy Plant?

Q.If an object falls freely, what changes come in potential energy and kinetic energy?
Sol. Potential Energy Decreased and Kinetic Energy Increases

Q.Which of the following is highest storage capacity?
Sol. Petabyte was highest in option

Q. MS Excel Contains?
Sol. Row And Column

Q. Which of the following is used to soften water?
Sol. NA2CO3

Q. Question related to El Nino Effect?

Q. Which of the following Does not Desolve in Hot / Cold Water?
Sol. Zinc

Q.Question related to Pravasi rojgar App started in?
Sol. Started by Sonu Sood

Q.Brand Ambassador of Nokia?
Sol. Alia Bhatt

Q.Head Coach of Indian Hockey Team?
Sol. Graham Reid

Q.Capital of Morroco?
Sol. Rabat

Q.NITI ayog established in?
Sol. 1st January 2015

Q.The biggest island in the world?
Sol. Greenland

Q.When was Hiroshima attacked by an atom bomb?
Sol. 6th August 1945

Q.Author of Indica?
Sol. Megasthenes

Q.Deodhar Trophy is related to which game?
Sol. Cricket

Q.Percent increase in the population of India Form 2001 to 2011?
Sol. 17.64 %

Q.Who won First Gulbenkian Award for humanity?
Sol.Greta Thunberg

Q.Tenure of Rajya Sabha Members?
Sol. Six Years

Q.Mumbai Stock Exchange was established in which year?

Q.Why the South pole is colder than the North Pole?

Q.The enzyme is a?

Q.Bharat Ratan 2019?
Sol. Bhupen Hazarika , Nanaji Deshmukh , Pranab Mukherjee

Q.Last Mauryan Ruler?
Sol. Brihadratha Maurya

Q.The formula of Acceleration?
Sol. Change in velocity/change in time

Q.Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary is at?
Sol. Odisha

Q.Sambhar lake is in?
Sol. Rajasthan


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