Statement and Assumption Trick and Practice Questions PDF

Statement and Assumption Trick

Statement and Assumption Trick & Practice Set PDF for Mains Exam

In Banking Examination we Found Verbal Reasoning, Section Topic based on Cause and effect, statement and assumption, statement and inference, statement and conclusions, assertions and reasons, course of action, statement and arguments, critical reasoning.


Top 50 Question on Statement & Assumption


Today we are Providing Material Related to Statement and Assumption
The statements & Assumption questions are the crucial part of the Reasoning section of all bank exams be it a PO or Clerk exam. They are the variant of verbal reasoning questions asked to check the efficiency of the decision-making skills of the candidate.

Statement & Assumption is also Important from the point of view of SBI/IBPS PO & Clerk Mains 2018. We Are Providing You Practice set on statements & Assumption Download And Boost Your Practice.

What is Statements and Assumptions

Before going on to the examples let’s try and look at what statements and assumptions mean. We use statements daily in the form of communication. It is a very integral part of our speech whenever we speak with others. But in terms of communication, most of the ideas are conveyed in the speech and thus remains unuttered. So to find a way to utter these ideas we use implication.
For all the questions below a statement is given which will be followed by assumptions numbered as 1 and 2. Look at the statements and decide which of the assumptions are implicit.

Give your answer as per below options:

A) If only assumption 1 is implicit.
B) If only assumption 2 is implicit.
C) If neither 1 or 2 are implicit.
D) If both 1 and 2 are implicit.

Some Important Rules/ Trick of Statement And Assumption

  • The assumption is constantly Indefinite and Positive
  • A few, to a vast degree, many, much, exist in the Assumption
  • A few words like just, each, any, every, all, question showing word ( why, these, what), Answer demonstrating words(therefore), Definitely, But, Certainly exist in the suspicion that supposition will dependably be explicit(False).
  • A few words like a few, to a vast degree, many, much, exist in the presumption that suspicion will dependably be implicit(True).
  • Any Assumption that is passing on the message of commercial, see, request that supposition will dependably be implicit(True).
  • Any Assumption that is discussing the social welfare (positive), Govt. strategies that supposition will dependably be implicit(True).
  • In the event that any Assumption is discussing past and future that suspicion will dependably be explicit (False).
  • On the off chance that any supposition demonstrating the word like the proposal, arrange, ask for that will dependably be implicit(True). Repetition is never verifiable.
  • Comparison always wrong.



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